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Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month! There’s no better way to celebrate your little patients’ heart-warming grins than by making sure they grow to be vibrant and strong.


Light Up Balls for the Win!

These toys light up and have a fun tongue that pulls out. They are so exciting for young children and will allow them to work on areas of development but focus mostly on the fun they are having.

6 months ago

Rewards Don't Have to Break the Bank: Explore Our Affordable Prizes!

We’re here to make going to the dentist a pleasure, not a chore. Give your star patients the quality rewards they want without breaking the bank! Customer satisfaction doesn’t have to drain your resources.

7 months ago

Summer Fun with Slime!

I’ve found a fun item that, at the very least, tackles 4 key developmental areas patients may find helpful during the holiday.  Slime is an item that I use for sensory experience, fine motor, independent play, and distraction.

7 months ago

Find Your Office’s Pot O’ Gold With These Patient Rewards

After the rain comes a rainbow, and last year sure had a lot of rainy days. Help spread some sunny cheer with festive patient rewards including colorful stickers, pot o’ gold samplers, temporary tattoos, and more!

11 months ago

Celebrate International Day of Happiness With Your Patient Community

With “smile” in our name, no one cares about happiness quite like SmileMakers does. We are here to help you spread joy in celebration of International Day of Happiness as well as every other day of the year!

11 months ago