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Get Patients Smiling With Fun Rewards!

Whether you’re seeking something timeless or trendy, we’ve curated the widest selection of relevant, high-quality goodies that are sure to make every moment special and spark lasting smiles at your office.

14 days ago

Soothe Patients’ Anxiety With Therapy Toys

Check out a few of our favorite therapy toys that can ease your little patients’ worries, boost their confidence, and help them reach developmental milestones with resilience.

1 month ago

Fidget Toys that Help During the Hustle of the Holidays

As Early Interventionists and Therapists, we need to make sure we provide the child and family with the tools they need to have the most successful holiday experience possible.

6 months ago

The Right Prizes for Pediatric Patients: 2020 Toy Trends

Do your patients leave less than ecstatic with the toy they receive? SmileMakers is here to help! We know what's hot and what kids want. It's our job to stay on top of ever-changing trends so that you can have the hottest prize box in town! 

2 years ago

How to Break the Ice with Shy or Anxious Patients

Pediatric appointments will have a large impact on a child’s health for the rest of their lives, and if a little one enjoys these experiences, they are more likely to develop healthy habits. SmileMakers wants to help you deliver delightful healthcare for every little patient, and we know that it’s not always an easy task.

3 years ago

Celebrate Dental Hygiene Month with SmileMakers!

Pediatric patients are highly susceptible to cavities, and that’s why we have patient education tools to help you teach every child how to properly brush and floss. We also offer dental practice essentials to help you encourage healthy habits even after your patients leave your office. Here are our favorite products for Dental Hygiene Month.

3 years ago