Get Patients Smiling With Fun Rewards!

Get Patients Smiling With Fun Rewards!

Get Patients Smiling With Fun Rewards!

When it comes to getting little ones excited about going to the dentist, SmileMakers has your back with toys they'll love. Whether you're seeking something timeless or trendy, we've curated the widest selection of relevant, high-quality goodies that are sure to make every moment special and spark lasting smiles at your office. Stay up-to-date with what kids really want and be the envy of other practices with these awesome patient rewards!

Animal Flip Boxes

Surprise Little Pet Lovers with Animal Flip Boxes

Calling all cute critter enthusiasts! Wrapped in precious pastel hues and topped with a beautiful bow, our Animal Flip Boxes are the perfect way to delight your youngsters with a gift that will make them grin. Soothe even the shyest kiddos by inviting them to flip their present and reveal an oh-so adorable animal on the other side. From cheerful chicks and happy hedgehogs to playful penguins and friendly froggies, this squishy silicone squad is ready to brighten up your patients' appointments!

Sweet Tooth Pencils

Keep the Smiles Coming with Sweet Tooth Pencils

Looking for a reward that will foster a sense of enthusiasm for dental care? For the school-age kids or little doodlers in your life, be sure to stock up on our Sweet Tooth Pencils! These lighthearted No. 2 pencils are adorned with shining stars, peppy pearly whites, and a magical medley of purple, yellow, and red designs. After a great checkup, give your stellar patients a practical prize that reminds them to take good care of their teeth!!

Squeeze Toys

Cultivate Endless Imaginative Play with Squeeze Toys

With tiny patients come big imaginations! Turn appointments into a world of whimsy and wonder with our Squeeze Toys. Jam-packed with 120 lovable, latex-free creatures of all shapes and sizes, this versatile prize option is fantastic for creating a comforting atmosphere and building rapport with your pediatric patients. Let little ones pick out their favorite animal and carry their new friend throughout the office. Whether it's playing make-believe with your team or diving into an aquatic adventure during bathtime, kids will have a blast with these immersive toys at your practice and at home.

Fidget Magic Cubes

Fuel Hands-On Fun with Fidget Magic Cubes

It's no secret that fidget toys have become an instant favorite among patients. That's why SmileMakers has you covered with the hottest options for fidget prizes. Made for growing problem solvers, our Fidget Magic Cubes are a must-have for your treasure chest of goodies. These engaging, mesmerizing toys are sure to stimulate young minds, keep little hands busy, and bring on some serious smiles as kiddos twist and fold the colorful cubes. Plus, they're amazing tools for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

Set Your Practice Apart with SmileMakers

At SmileMakers, it's our goal to strengthen your patient relationships–one toy and one smile at a time. We want you to feel confident you're giving the kiddos in your care the very best with popular prizes that stand the test of time. If you have any questions for our team, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at We love hearing from passionate doctors like you, and we can't wait to connect!

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