Prizes & Giveaways


‘Tis the Season for Festive Prizes!

From cuddly Christmas characters to winter-themed marketing products, we’ve curated a collection of joyful, affordable goodies that will really make your community smile.

24 days ago

Kick-Off a Sweet Halloween With a Candy Buyback!

With seamless steps to starting a Candy Buyback Program at your practice, SmileMakers is here to help you treat our troops, build connections with patients, and fend off fiendish sugar bugs this fall.

2 months ago

Brighten Smiles with Better Breakfast Month!

To help make mornings at the breakfast table more colorful, nutritious, and delicious, SmileMakers has a bounty of stickers, toys, and books to remind your little patients that strong smiles start with healthy meals.

3 months ago

Stickers of the Silver Screen

SmileMakers has stickers to go along with all the latest post-pandemic movie trends. Kids will love receiving stickers featuring their favorite movie-themed art after their visit! Here are the hottest new movie stickers to choose from.

4 months ago

Back to School Marketing Tips

Now more than ever, your marketing should remind families of the importance of a positive oral health regimen - which includes biannual dental visits! If you’re looking for ways to gain traction and new patients this year, consider adding these helpful marketing strategies to the list.

4 months ago

Inspire Healthy Habits on Self-Care Day

International Self-Care Day is on July 24th, and it’s a great opportunity for parents, healthcare providers, and children to motivate each other on their journeys toward physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Now more than ever, self-care is critical for people of all ages. 

5 months ago