Rewards Create Patients for Life

Rewards Create Patients for Life

Rewards Create Patients for Life

The simple act of giving a child a sticker or prize after their visit means a lot more than you might think. To a young patient, a toy is a pure delight and joy. It shows them that you care about them and understand them, and it helps build a strong bond with you that can last for years to come. The care you provide your pediatric patients makes a lifelong impact on how they take care of their own health. Rewards reinforce their positive experience with you, increasing the likelihood they will take your instructions to heart–and it will make them look forward to when they get to come back again. Here are some kid-favorite prizes to help make every visit meaningful!          

Fuel the Fun with Fidget Poppers

Fidget Poppers

Constantly learning, growing, and exploring the world around them, it’s no secret that kids love sensory play. Fidget Poppers not only ease anxiety, but they show that you are “in the know” about what they like, creating a meaningful bond between you and that patient. If you’re seeking an option that will spark lots of joy and ease anxious minds, you can’t go wrong with our classic, colorful Fidget Poppers. Little patients can pick out their favorite shade and focus on boundless bubble-popping play throughout their appointment with you!

For school-aged kids, be sure to check out our Dino and Unicorn Fidget Popper Backpack Pulls. Children will have a blast styling their book bags with these cute, squishable characters! Pair them with our Popper Pencil Toppers, made with satisfying silicone bubbles in an array of mesmerizing shapes. These engaging, travel-size rewards will remind patients of your kindhearted care and make them grin wherever they go!


Let Kiddos Choose with Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

A memorable visit is guaranteed with our magical Treasure Chests! Personalize your patient experience by letting young ones decide what kind of reward they’d like to take home. From adorable rubber duckies to sleek aviator sunnies, our Good Clean Fun Treasure Chest will put kids in control, making them feel valued.

Looking for even more toys that kids love? Jam-packed with 500 sensational toys to choose from, our Super Size Value Treasure Chests will do just the trick! Updating your prize selection will get kids excited about coming back to your practice, and you can effortlessly meet the needs of every kiddo with our Girl/Boy Treasure Chest. By letting your patients pick a prize from one of our curated chests, they’ll walk away from your practice feeling empowered, appreciated, and excited about their next check-up with you!


Popular Stickers for Every Star PatientOral health

Sometimes, a reward as simple as a sticker can leave the sweetest impression on your patients. For that reason, we’re proud to keep your practice stocked with the best and largest assortment of stickers around. From Hot Wheels and PAW Patrol to Disney Princess, My Little Pony, and Peppa Pig, there’s truly something for everyone!

Kids will instantly feel a sense of comfort and connection when they see their favorite characters on a sticker at your office. Enhance your sticker stash by including friendly faces from the latest movies like Lightyear, ​​Frozen II, Jurassic World: Dominion, Encanto, and Spider-Man. Relating to your little patients through their favorite movies and TV shows is a thoughtful way to garner trust, instill positive associations with your practice, and recognize their job well done!


Build Lasting Bonds with SmileMakers

Day in and day out, our mission is to help you improve your patient experience, one smile at a time. We’re honored to play a role in strengthening your patient relationships with timeless products that will inspire, motivate, reward, and celebrate. If you ever have any questions for our compassionate team, we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a line at, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will respond to you shortly. We look forward to connecting with you!

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