Toys that are Perfect for the Pool!

Toys that are Perfect for the Pool!

Toys that are Perfect for the Pool!

Summer-themed rewards give your patients a great experience because they can bring these fun prizes from your office with them! From water squirters to adorable Disney waterproof bandages, SmileMakers has products that will remind your young patients of your excellent care while they are having fun in the sun!

Water Guns

Safe, Fun Water Activities for Kids!

From cannonballs into the pool to making sandcastles at the beach, fun water activities are the highlights of summer. Kiddos will surely have a blast with Sure Shot Water Squirters and Foam Water Squirters. These squirters provide boundless fun for kids by adding a little action to their pool or beach days, and they come in a variety of colors that every patient will enjoy!

Turtle Water Squirters

Water Squirters for Animal Lovers

Some kids prefer cute, squishy animals instead of traditional squirters for pool fun. Adorable Turtle Beach Squirters keep kids entertained while reminding them of hilarious Disney characters like Crush from Finding Nemo. If you are seeking big smiles and laughter at your practice, these will do the trick!

Princess Bandages

Bandages Perfect for Princesses

Summer is for running through sprinklers and cruising down Slip 'N Slides. These activities bring out delightful giggles as well as the occasional bump and bruise. For those minor scrapes and scratches, we recommend Band-Aid® Disney Princess Waterproof Bandages. These bandages feature favorite characters and will be a huge comfort to kiddos, staying on even through their water play and reminding them that at your practice your team cares. Bring them compassionate care while they enjoy every summer activity.

Beach Balls

Beach Balls and Sunnies for a Pool Day

Young patients will love our decorative, colorful Beach Balls. These will bring bright smiles and fun from your practice straight to the pool! Pair this exciting prize with some cool shades. Our Neon Shades come in a variety of fun colors and will protect the kiddo's eyes as they enjoy activities under the hot sun. These shades will make young patients feel like superstars, all while remembering your excellent care!

Make a Splash at Your Practice with SmileMakers

Here at SmileMakers, we do everything we can to ensure your practice has a personal touch that parents will appreciate and kiddos will love. We know that you want the best quality prizes that transcend the summer months into a lifelong patient-doctor relationship. We love hearing from you, so if you have any questions for our team get in touch with us at We will be more than happy to connect!

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