Rewards Don't Have to Break the Bank: Explore Our Affordable Prizes!

We’re here to make going to the dentist a pleasure, not a chore. Give your star patients the quality rewards they want without breaking the bank! Customer satisfaction doesn’t have to drain your resources.

7 months ago

Find Your Office’s Pot O’ Gold With These Patient Rewards

After the rain comes a rainbow, and last year sure had a lot of rainy days. Help spread some sunny cheer with festive patient rewards including colorful stickers, pot o’ gold samplers, temporary tattoos, and more!

11 months ago

Keep Your Patients Smiling -- Reward Your Way

Help establish a sense of normalcy and assure patients that they will be okay by continuing to offer them rewards for a successful visit. You can keep providing positive patient experiences for little ones with our new Reward Your Way program. We’ve got the ideas and products you need to ensure you can keep rewarding your way.

1 year ago

Preparing for a COVID-Safe Halloween: Making Good Clean Fun

As we continue to navigate this COVID-conscious world, many people may be unsure of how to celebrate our favorite traditions safely. SmileMakers is here to help you get the fun started with some ideas on how to enjoy good company and some seasonal celebrations with your community.

1 year ago

How to Show Patients You Care Even While Your Office is Closed

Consistent communication is more important now than ever in strengthening your relationship with your patients. Even while patients are staying home and out of high traffic areas, including your practice, you can still show them that their health is your top priority by staying in touch and staying relevant. The team at SmileMakers has a few suggestions on how to reach out to patients and show them you care.  

2 years ago

Jump Into Spring with New Toys & Prizes

Looking to add exciting new prizes to your office supply and give kids the gifts they want? Check out our fun, new toys.

2 years ago