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Water Play for Developmental Delays

Working on developmental goals with children during these hot summer days can be a challenge.

24 days ago

Using Bubbles for Therapy

Kids love bubbles so why not utilize them during therapeutic play to work on speech development.

24 days ago


Therapists and Early Interventionists, don’t let summer break derail progress you’ve made with your young patients.

24 days ago

Summer Fun with Bouncing Balls

Carmen Knight, M.A.T., loves using bouncing balls with children to work on gross motor, communication, expressive and receptive language skills and more.

2 months ago

A Play Set Perfect for Therapy Sessions

Carmen Knight shares her thoughts on using SmileMakers Take-Along Railroad Set to help patients reach developmental milestones. It’s the perfect portable set for therapy sessions.
3 months ago

Popper Bracelets for Sensory Seekers

As therapists and early interventionists, we often work with children that need to be calmed due to anxiety or overstimulation. Carmen Knight shares a great item she uses for sensory seeking children. Watch the video to learn more about Fidget Popper Bracelets.
4 months ago