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Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month! There’s no better way to celebrate your little patients’ heart-warming grins than by making sure they grow to be vibrant and strong.

4 months ago

The Year Is Coming To An End! Get Back In Touch With What’s Important

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, remind your patients to take some time to focus on their family's health. With a variety of products that promote health and wellness, we can help you encourage your patients to take care of their smiles and their bodies in the new year!

6 months ago

Spread Cheer, Not Germs! Staying Healthy in the New Year

If we’ve learned nothing else during the pandemic, it’s the importance of practicing good hygiene and sanitation–not just for our own health, but also for those around us. Now is the time to stock up on sanitation necessities and share helpful tips to keep your patients healthy. 

6 months ago

October is Dental Hygiene Month!

This is the perfect time to focus on fantastic dental habits to fight those cavities. In honor of Dental Hygiene Month, keep your pediatric patients prepared to take on their Halloween sugar bugs with tips, tricks, and prizes from SmileMakers!

7 months ago

No Tricks, All Treats! Prep Your Practice For Halloween

You can join in on the fun by decorating your practice and handing out festive toys and goodies to your patients. SmileMakers is here to help foster the spirit of fall and make your office feel more enchanting with top-notch products and fresh ideas that will thrill your patients!

8 months ago

The Importance of a Positive Front Office Experience

Tailoring your front office aesthetic and amenities to both parents and their children will help ensure that the entire family is at ease before their appointment. The more you foster an atmosphere of calm and comfort, the easier each appointment will be.

9 months ago