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Distraction Items for Medical Procedures

Pain and the power of distraction have been studied for years and with good reason.


What makes a great hospital playroom?

Walking into a children’s hospital can feel a bit unsettling.

2 days ago

The 4 P's of Rewards for Kids

Rewarding children is a great way to encourage them when they are doing something that is difficult, painful, or uncomfortable.

26 days ago

Medical Play Dolls: Not Just for Patients

Medical play helps children feel safe and comfortable while at the hospital. 

26 days ago

How to Teach 5-Finger Breathing to Kids

How often should children practice guided breathing? Let’s look at the benefits and ways to teach it before we answer this question.

2 months ago

Fidget Popper Feelings

If you are around children regularly, chances are you’ve seen fidget poppers. Pediatric patients, as well as my kids, trade them, pop them, and I've found them in every crevice of my home. I'm not surprised that they are the new "thing," and I've found ways to integrate them into therapeutic activities with my patients.

2 months ago