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Sham-Rock Your Patients’ World With St. Patrick’s Day Prizes!

Here’s your pot of gold — no leprechaun needed! SmileMakers has your practice covered with an array of glistening green goodies and charming rewards.

4 months ago

The Year Is Coming To An End! Get Back In Touch With What’s Important

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, remind your patients to take some time to focus on their family's health. With a variety of products that promote health and wellness, we can help you encourage your patients to take care of their smiles and their bodies in the new year!

7 months ago

New Year, New You! How To Get Patients In After the Holidays

SmileMakers is here to lend a helping hand with marketing insights to keep your patient flow steady during the winter season.

7 months ago

Spruce Up Your Space! Kick Off the New Year With Some New Decor

The new year is just around the corner, and now is a great time to think about redecorating the office once the holiday decorations come down. Fun, playful themes will get your pediatric patients excited about their appointment and help create positive associations with visiting your office.

7 months ago

Is Your Practice Ready for Fall?

With a few effective strategies in place, you and your community can embrace the special cheer and fresh beginnings of the season without the stress. Let us help your practice turn a new leaf with fall-themed toys, DIY decor ideas, and marketing materials from SmileMakers!

8 months ago

Find Your Office’s Pot O’ Gold With These Patient Rewards

After the rain comes a rainbow, and last year sure had a lot of rainy days. Help spread some sunny cheer with festive patient rewards including colorful stickers, pot o’ gold samplers, temporary tattoos, and more!

1 year ago