Patient Health


Fidget Popper Feelings

If you are around children regularly, chances are you’ve seen fidget poppers. Pediatric patients, as well as my kids, trade them, pop them, and I've found them in every crevice of my home. I'm not surprised that they are the new "thing," and I've found ways to integrate them into therapeutic activities with my patients.

13 days ago

Inspire Healthy Habits on Self-Care Day

International Self-Care Day is on July 24th, and it’s a great opportunity for parents, healthcare providers, and children to motivate each other on their journeys toward physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Now more than ever, self-care is critical for people of all ages. 

1 year ago

Flu Season Is Upon Us! Help Your Patients Prepare

You can use your authority and stand out as a leader in your community by informing your patients about the importance of immunization. SmileMakers is here to help by providing a few ways you can connect with your community and keep your patients happy and healthy.

2 years ago