How to Use One Toy for Many Areas of Development!

I found a toy that can be used for almost all areas of development. This toy is the Jungle Play and Train Table. This table will assist you in meeting so many of the goals you have for the children on your caseload.
1 month ago

Shapes, Colors, and Fun!

The world of shapes and colors open a world of learning and important preschool skills that can help children be successful in the classroom and beyond.

1 month ago

Open Lines of Communication with A Toy Hunt

As therapists, it is important to look for ways to increase a child’s receptive and expressive language. I have heard from many parents how much it has meant to them the first time they heard their child ask for something and understand it.
1 month ago

Fidget Toys that Help During the Hustle of the Holidays

As Early Interventionists and Therapists, we need to make sure we provide the child and family with the tools they need to have the most successful holiday experience possible.

1 month ago

Let’s Celebrate Our Physical Therapist!

October is physical therapy month! As a person that has seen firsthand the impact that a physical therapist has made in the lives of children that I have served, I cannot say “thank you” loudly enough!
2 months ago

Teach Children about Germ Prevention

Taking time to educate children who may be a bit fearful during these uncertain times is crucial to helping them feel more comfortable and open to working on skills they need to develop. When approaching serious subjects, like health issues, having a fun activity to ease the tension helps encourage a child’s natural urge to learn.

3 months ago