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Save with SmileCare™

At SmileMakers, we take pride in being your go-to resource for patient rewards, but did you know about our exclusive line of high-quality, low-cost preventive care dental products?


Fill Your Books & Let the Summer Fun Begin!

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate! The beginning of summer is the perfect time to invite parents to bring their kids to the dentist for a check-up, so remind patients to book those appointments before summer vacations kick off.

14 days ago

Make Lasting Connections with Movie-Themed Prizes!

As a pediatric healthcare provider, there’s nothing more special than building unbreakable bonds with the incredible kiddos in your care. And it all starts by breaking the ice! Connect with your patients by giving them rewards that remind them of their favorite movies.  

15 days ago

Fidget Popper Feelings

If you are around children regularly, chances are you’ve seen fidget poppers. Pediatric patients, as well as my kids, trade them, pop them, and I've found them in every crevice of my home. I'm not surprised that they are the new "thing," and I've found ways to integrate them into therapeutic activities with my patients.

22 days ago

October is Dental Hygiene Month!

This is the perfect time to focus on fantastic dental habits to fight those cavities. In honor of Dental Hygiene Month, keep your pediatric patients prepared to take on their Halloween sugar bugs with tips, tricks, and prizes from SmileMakers!

9 months ago

Contributing to a Mask-Wearing Culture

As a medical professional, you can help your community embrace wearing a mask as children go back to school and more people go back to work. You can create influence in your community and use your platform and voice to encourage mask-wearing, and show patients and parents that their child is capable of wearing a mask.

2 years ago