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The Positivity of the Irish

As Child Life Specialists we should be aware that luck may be a sensitive topic for those that are hospitalized or experiencing a medical crisis. Although I am not able to change the circumstance, I AM able to teach skills that help kids and families recognize that some situations offer negatives and positives.

4 months ago

The Hospital Waiting Game

Children in the hospital are often faced with the challenge of trying to cope with whatever medical crisis they are experiencing while attempting to identify, acknowledge, and even express feelings that are associated with it. As Child Life Specialists, we help kids, teens, and their families identify feelings and educate about appropriate coping skills that may help the family.

5 months ago

How to Help Families (and staff!) Get in the Holiday Spirit

From jokes to jingles, Child Life Specialists work behind the scenes to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable for hospitalized children and families. Here are a few ideas to spread joy in the hospital.

7 months ago

Decorating a Hospital Room for the Holidays

No matter what it is, most people have some sort of tradition that makes this time of year feel special. So what happens when you are a child in the hospital or a family dealing with illness? Things that matter tend to shift… and not just for the child who is sick, but for the whole family.

7 months ago

Disguise Turkey Tom Thanksgiving Activity

One of the most fun and timely things I love to do with preschool and school-age patients (and maybe even help them create a new tradition!) is to tell them a story about “Turkey Tom.”

8 months ago

Sharing Gratitude for Health Heroes

This year, I thought it would be more than appropriate to help my patients and their families express their gratitude to those both inside and outside of the hospital.

8 months ago