Sham-Rock Your Patients’ World With St. Patrick’s Day Prizes!

Here’s your pot of gold — no leprechaun needed! SmileMakers has your practice covered with an array of glistening green goodies and charming rewards.

4 months ago

Is Your Practice Ready for Valentine's Day?

With our large selection of lovable Valentine’s Day prizes and thoughtful ideas, we’ve rounded up a few heartfelt ways to spread some kindness and cheer at your practice this spring!

5 months ago

How to Help Families (and staff!) Get in the Holiday Spirit

From jokes to jingles, Child Life Specialists work behind the scenes to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable for hospitalized children and families. Here are a few ideas to spread joy in the hospital.

7 months ago

Decorating a Hospital Room for the Holidays

No matter what it is, most people have some sort of tradition that makes this time of year feel special. So what happens when you are a child in the hospital or a family dealing with illness? Things that matter tend to shift… and not just for the child who is sick, but for the whole family.

7 months ago

Holiday Activities for the Hospitalized Child (Video)

How do you make the holidays a little easier for kiddos in the hospital? Find out here.

7 months ago

The Year Is Coming To An End! Get Back In Touch With What’s Important

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, remind your patients to take some time to focus on their family's health. With a variety of products that promote health and wellness, we can help you encourage your patients to take care of their smiles and their bodies in the new year!

7 months ago