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Sensory Box

Sensory boxes can be a fun way to help manage a child’s sensory processing issues.

10 days ago

Make Lasting Connections with Movie-Themed Prizes!

As a pediatric healthcare provider, there’s nothing more special than building unbreakable bonds with the incredible kiddos in your care. And it all starts by breaking the ice! Connect with your patients by giving them rewards that remind them of their favorite movies.  

11 days ago

How to Teach 5-Finger Breathing to Kids

How often should children practice guided breathing? Let’s look at the benefits and ways to teach it before we answer this question.

17 days ago

Congratulate Your Grads!

The end of the school year is upon us, and that means some of your little patients will be graduating from elementary, middle, or even high school! Set them up for smiling success with fully-loaded dental kits from SmileMakers.

2 months ago

Get Patients Smiling With Fun Rewards!

Whether you’re seeking something timeless or trendy, we’ve curated the widest selection of relevant, high-quality goodies that are sure to make every moment special and spark lasting smiles at your office.

2 months ago

Keep Smiles Bright with SmileMakers!

SmileMakers is here to bring the best of summer to every appointment at your practice. Check out some of our must-have summer goodies to get your patients excited about the new season!

2 months ago