Soothe Patients’ Anxiety With Therapy Toys

Soothe Patients’ Anxiety With Therapy Toys

Soothe Patients’ Anxiety With Therapy Toys

You go above and beyond for your patients every day. At SmileMakers, we're here to return the favor with an assortment of therapy toys that go beyond patient rewards—they help kids feel strong, soothed, and supported by a team that truly cares. They're also great for helping with respiration exercises, motor skills, communication, and more. Check out a few of our favorite therapy toys that can ease your little patients' worries, boost their confidence, and help them reach developmental milestones with resilience.


Encourage Deep Breathing with Pinwheels

For some kiddos, going to the doctor can strike feelings of stress. During times of heightened anxiety, show your pediatric patients just how much you care by helping them harness mindful breathing with our Pinwheels. Carefully assembled using high quality materials and a whole lot of love, these vibrant, metallic pinwheels double as a playful prize and the perfect tool for respiration activities. Let young ones pick out a pinwheel and teach them how to make their new toy spin by practicing deep breathing together. With each slow inhale and exhale, kids will feel like they've just discovered an inner superpower when they learn how focusing on their breath can calm their thoughts and relax their bodies.

Poppers Toys

Tap Into the Power of Play with Poppers

It's no surprise that little patients love to play! So why not kick off their appointment with an interactive goodie that will make waiting room anxiety wash away and spark endless opportunities for play? From bright and bubbly Mermaid Tail Fidget Poppers for undersea fun to Dino Fidget Poppers that will help kiddos cultivate a spirit of courage, we offer a fresh collection of fidget poppers to keep tiny hands happy at your office and at home. Poppers are also a wonderful tool for developing fine motor skills. Our colorful Building Block Fidget Poppers give pediatric patients the chance to design their very own popping masterpiece, improving their dexterity and hand-eye coordination in a way that's creative, focused, and fun.

Make Your Own Hello Kity Doctor Stickers

Inspire Sweet Moments with Stickers

When it comes to check-ups, a child might not always know what to expect. If your growing patient is feeling nervous about their appointment, our Make Your Own Hello Kitty Doctor Stickers can help them approach their visit with a sense of safety and security. Invite your patient to tell a story and create a kind, caring Dr. Kitty with their new stickers! This is a fantastic way to nurture their communication skills and help them to articulate their emotions. Whether it's listening to a patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope or gently putting a bandage on a boo-boo, these engaging and educational stickers include everything Dr. Kitty needs to heal any ouchies with ease. Little ones will instantly light up when they see a familiar face like Hello Kitty, building a trusting connection with you and your crew.

SmileMakers Is Here for You

At SmileMakers, our staff is in your corner with compassionate care every step of the way. We want you and the pediatric patients in your life to thrive with positive memories, unbreakable bonds, and stress-free appointments. If there's anything we can do to help enhance your practice, reach out to our team anytime at!

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