Give Back to Your Community for the Season of Gratitude

Give Back to Your Community for the Season of Gratitude

Give Back to Your Community for the Season of Gratitude


Give Back to Your Community for the Season of Gratitude


With the holidays ahead of us, you may be looking for intentional ways to spread smiles beyond the walls of your office and into the community at large. In honor of the season of thanks, show your community that you care with outreach ideas that will inspire both your team and your patients. SmileMakers is here to lend a hand with thoughtful tips, quality dental essentials, and uplifting gifts, so you can implement your community outreach with confidence. Let’s get started!

Support a Local Organization

We know that making a positive difference in the lives of patients is the heartbeat behind your care. While that may look like transforming smiles on a day-to-day basis, the holiday season presents the sweet opportunity to give back in fresh, meaningful ways that align with your mission. For this season of gratitude, find an organization in your community that you’re passionate about and make an impact, together! Whether it’s partnering with a nearby homeless shelter and setting up a holiday food drive or providing free dental education for little ones at local schools, there are countless ways to support a cause that’s close to your heart and extend kindness to neighbors in need.

Determine Your Capacity for Contributing

Halloween Monsters

Giving back looks different for everyone. From volunteering time to advocating for a cause, gather your team to assess resources, hone in on your core values, and discuss how your practice can make a difference this holiday season. If you’re considering donating dental supplies to underserved communities, SmileMakers has you covered with convenient and affordable dental kits designed for patients of all ages. Our 72-piece Adult Dental Kit features a soft bristle toothbrush, a .85-oz tube Crest toothpaste, and waxed mint floss–all pre-packaged in a convenient vinyl zipper pouch. Made with little smiles in mind, our 24-piece Youth Dental Kit is curated with the coolest dolphin toothbrush, brushing timer, and toothbrush cover, so every child can enjoy the benefits of healthy dental habits.


Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

As a dental professional, the act of giving back is woven into the very work you do every day. Your practice is a place where patients can find a compassionate dental family that’s committed to improving their health and happiness. Throughout the holiday season, you can make your practice feel extra magical and memorable by delighting every patient with a little surprise they’ll absolutely love. We have your back with a spectacular selection of toys and prizes, from adorable plush pals to a treasure trove of fidget spinners and more! Remember to tell the “why” behind your giving. This can look like sharing just how thankful you are for your patients with a short handwritten note, social media post, or spoken words of affirmation. By incorporating gifts that show the power of giving, this simple act of kindness can leave a lasting impression on your patients and inspire them to give back too.


SmileMakers Is Here For You

 Just like you, our mission is to make smiles happen! That’s why we’re thankful to support you and your team as you bring your community closer together, one smile at a time. If you have any questions about our outreach tips or products, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our warm staff anytime at We look forward to chatting with you soon!


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