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Sensory Box

Sensory boxes can be a fun way to help manage a child’s sensory processing issues.

10 days ago

P6 Video – Sensory Play with Modeling Sand

Using sensory items in play has multiple benefits for children both in and out of the hospital. Katie Taylor, CCLS, tells how she uses sand play with her patients.

17 days ago

How to Teach 5-Finger Breathing to Kids

How often should children practice guided breathing? Let’s look at the benefits and ways to teach it before we answer this question.

17 days ago

Fidget Popper Feelings

If you are around children regularly, chances are you’ve seen fidget poppers. Pediatric patients, as well as my kids, trade them, pop them, and I've found them in every crevice of my home. I'm not surprised that they are the new "thing," and I've found ways to integrate them into therapeutic activities with my patients.

18 days ago

Identifying Emotions through Play

Emojis have become so popular for kids and adults. Using these fun digital-turned-real-life tools are a great way to encourage kids to identify emotions and talk about the feelings associated with them.

2 months ago

Spring Play in the Hospital

While many children are heading out doors, it’s important to recognize that some cannot due to hospitalizations, illness, being immunocompromised, and many other factors. Though it may be true that they are missing out on outdoor play, there is no reason to miss out on the opportunity for indoor play!

2 months ago