How to Execute an Effective “Use It or Lose It” Campaign

How to Execute an Effective “Use It or Lose It” Campaign

How to Execute an Effective “Use It or Lose It” Campaign


How to Execute an Effective “Use It or Lose It” Campaign


The end of the year is fast approaching, and patients always appreciate a reminder to use their healthcare benefits before the year is over. While creating a marketing strategy can seem overwhelming, SmileMakers is right by your side with easy, practical ideas that will position your practice for success and resonate with the people in your care. In this article, we’ll go over how to execute an effective “Use It or Lose It” campaign, making your practice top of mind for patients seeking dental care before their benefits expire. 

Send Friendly Recall Cards

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As a local dentist, you have the unique advantage of cultivating lasting personal relationships with the patients who walk through your doors. This is where a simple yet authentic gesture like sending recall cards can make a powerful impact in strengthening patient loyalty. Remind families that benefits often restart after December 31st by reaching out with our Autumn Splendor Recall Cards. With its cozy fall design and the option to customize your message, this recall card is a warm, memorable, and reliable way to remind patients you’re there during the busy holiday season and help them maximize those dental benefits!

Promote the Campaign on Social Media

Social media matters, especially when it comes to connecting with your community! By crafting genuine, quality-driven content that highlights the heartbeat behind your practice, you can build trustworthy bonds with new leads while maintaining a strong, ongoing relationship with patients you may only see once or twice a year. Keep your community up to date by promoting your “Use It or Lose It” message on social media, along with any end-of-year specials.

Invite patients to use their remaining benefits on preventive treatment and close out the year with their best smile yet by offering an end-of-year teeth whitening special! This can be just the incentive your patients need to take initiative in their oral health and make the most of their coverage. When sharing your campaign and specials on social media, feel free to get creative and showcase your personality! Explain the ins and outs of dental insurance in a way that’s patient-friendly and easy to understand. Families will enjoy seeing fun, meaningful photos and videos of you and your team, making them feel even more at ease about booking an appointment.


Set Up a Referral Program

The last few months of the year are often filled with relatives and friends visiting for the holidays. This is the perfect time to promote a referral bonus! Happy patients should be glad to share their positive experience at your practice with loved ones, and new patients need to use their benefits too! Encourage your community to visit your office before their benefits expire, and include an exciting reward with every referral! Whether it’s offering a free dental service or gift cards to a local restaurant, your referral bonus can be completely personalized to your unique patient base. And for a finishing touch, make sure every patient leaves with a custom toothbrush! Featuring an array of vibrant colors, you can inspire stellar dental hygiene while getting your name out there in style.


SmileMakers Is Here for You

No matter your practice needs, our knowledgeable team is in your corner with thoughtful, dedicated support. Our passion and purpose is to help you run a flourishing practice, so you can continue to give your community the best patient experience and a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. If you have any questions for our caring crew, we want to hear from you! Simply drop us a line at We can’t wait to chat!


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