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How to Use One Toy for Many Areas of Development!

I found a toy that can be used for almost all areas of development. This toy is the Jungle Play and Train Table. This table will assist you in meeting so many of the goals you have for the children on your caseload.
3 months ago

Let’s Celebrate Our Physical Therapist!

October is physical therapy month! As a person that has seen firsthand the impact that a physical therapist has made in the lives of children that I have served, I cannot say “thank you” loudly enough!
3 months ago

Light Up Balls for the Win!

These toys light up and have a fun tongue that pulls out. They are so exciting for young children and will allow them to work on areas of development but focus mostly on the fun they are having.

6 months ago

What is Augmented Reality and How Can It Help My Patients?

As an Early Interventionist or therapist, using your phone as the piece of technology allows your patient to experience things like sea creatures in a new and exciting way during the therapy session. AR products are a great way to work on expressive and receptive communication and gross motor skills.

7 months ago

Beach Ball Activities to Make Your Summer Fun!

Most therapy sessions are year-round, so summertime allows therapists to engage our patients in outdoor activities; a fun change from the restrictions of being inside. Doing so gets our patients in the sun and fresh air and encourages movement and play.

8 months ago

How Do You Reward Hard Work?

Speech Therapists, Early Interventionists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists are given the task to work on developmental goals with their young patients. In order to achieve goals, they must encourage children during every session with the hope that the outcome is more the focus than the process.

9 months ago