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A Play Set Perfect for Therapy Sessions

Carmen Knight shares her thoughts on using SmileMakers Take-Along Railroad Set to help patients reach developmental milestones. It’s the perfect portable set for therapy sessions.
16 days ago

Benefits of Fidget Toys

Fidget toys can distract, calm, and even help with attention and focus. But therapists can use these handy tools to help their patients reach other developmental goals as well.

3 months ago

The Importance of Imaginative Play and Role Play

As Early Interventionists and Therapists, we have the task of teaching the importance and need for imaginative play.

5 months ago

Let’s Celebrate Our Physical Therapist!

October is physical therapy month! As a person that has seen firsthand the impact that a physical therapist has made in the lives of children that I have served, I cannot say “thank you” loudly enough!
7 months ago

Community Helpers and Interactive Play

A great way to teach how valuable teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters are in our lives is through interactive play. This amazing set I found at SmileMakers helps you teach your young patients how important these people are to them and the community they live in.

10 months ago

Interactive Play is so important to Childhood Development

Every parent wants their child to be able to get along and develop friendships that will last a lifetime and as therapists, we can help facilitate a pathway to that goal. A fun way to make sure these skills develop is through interactive play.

1 year ago