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Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day with SmileMakers!

Spark enthusiasm and wonder for the Tooth Fairy and oral health with SmileMakers! We’ve got you covered with an enchanting assortment of playful products and ideas designed to bring maximum delight to your patients.

6 months ago

Make a Fresh Start with a New Look for Your Office

As you begin your spring cleaning, shake off the dust of 2020, and start fresh with new office decor! SmileMakers has themed wall decals, murals, canvas prints, posters, and more for your patients to enjoy during their visit.

1 year ago

Spruce Up Your Practice With Some Holiday Fun!

It is important to spread the holiday spirit and make your office a welcoming place for your patients.  Let your office bask in the glow of the holidays with exciting decor and heartwarming patient gifts, all courtesy of SmileMakers.

2 years ago

Kid Friendly Decals and Murals

When you’re unable to convince your hospital admin team to agree on a new remodel of your hospital (I wish!), wall murals and decals are easy, affordable and will quickly change the vibe of your office space, hallway, waiting room or treatment room.

2 years ago

Hand Washing Tips for Young Patients

Your goal is to help your patients stay happy and healthy, and as a healthcare professional, you are in a unique position of authority to help healthy habits sink in for young patients and their parents alike.

2 years ago

Holidays in the Hospital

Let’s get real. The hospital has never really been a place that people want to go, and now in the midst of a global pandemic… well, let’s just say it may be the last place on EARTH that people want to be.

2 years ago