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Halloween Fun!

It’s that time when kids spend hours upon hours looking at costumes, deciding on one, then changing their mind. Only to do this at least 10 times before October 31st. To kids, Halloween means decorations, trick or treating, costumes, and excitement.

9 months ago

Kick-Off a Sweet Halloween With a Candy Buyback!

With seamless steps to starting a Candy Buyback Program at your practice, SmileMakers is here to help you treat our troops, build connections with patients, and fend off fiendish sugar bugs this fall.

9 months ago

Preparing for a COVID-Safe Halloween: Making Good Clean Fun

As we continue to navigate this COVID-conscious world, many people may be unsure of how to celebrate our favorite traditions safely. SmileMakers is here to help you get the fun started with some ideas on how to enjoy good company and some seasonal celebrations with your community.

2 years ago

Seasonal Decor Bundles: 5 Holidays, 1 Easy Order!

With our Seasonal Decor Bundles, patients will feel immediately at ease and you’ll cultivate a cheerful, festive environment. Seasonal office decor has a calming effect and sends out the message that you and your team are approachable.

3 years ago

Halloween Themed Toys & Prizes

At SmileMakers, we know just what pediatric patients are looking for when it comes to festive toys and prizes. Check out our top suggestions and stock-up for Halloween at your office.

3 years ago

How to Stay Dental Hygiene Friendly During Halloween

Halloween candy is on the shelves and people will be eating all kinds of sugary treats during the holidays. But this is the time of year that dental professionals can raise awareness and remind people of the oral care habits that will keep their teeth strong and healthy.

4 years ago