How to Host a Brush-A-Thon Event

How to Host a Brush-A-Thon Event

How to Host a Brush-A-Thon Event

How to Host a Brush-A-Thon Event

Ready, get set, smile! October is Dental Hygiene Month, and right after that is National Brush Day on November 1st. Looking for a memorable way to encourage dazzling dental care and celebrate with your community? Bring awareness to the importance of at-home oral hygiene with a Brush-A-Thon event! At SmileMakers, we’re right by your side to help you host a successful Brush-A-Thon with fresh, practical ideas and exciting dental products that will strengthen your patient relationships and their oral health. Read on to learn how you and your crew can get started!

Partner with a Local School

Halloween Monsters

As you know, prevention and education are at the heart of healthy mouth habits. Hosting a Brush-A-Thon event at a local school is the perfect opportunity to get children more involved in their oral health–all while promoting your practice!

Throughout Dental Hygiene Month, visit classrooms in your community and inspire fun-filled patient education with our Rex the Dinosaur Dental Puppet! Before the Brush-A-Thon begins, you can use this adorable dino to teach kids how to properly polish their teeth and fight back cavity-causing sugar bugs. Little students will love this lighthearted, interactive approach to preventive care, fueling a lifetime of optimal oral hygiene and positive associations with the dentist early on.

Contact Local Media Outlets

Spreading smiles is something newsworthy. While planning a Brush-A-Thon, be sure to contact local media outlets to cover your event! Let journalists know the details of your event with a simple press release that includes where and when the program is taking place, as well as your mission behind the Brush-A-Thon. The press should be happy to highlight this exciting program held by your practice, sharing you and your team’s dedication to creating a healthier, happier community by championing children’s oral hygiene.



Provide Free Toothbrushes for Participants

When kids like their dental tools, they’ll look forward to keeping those little teeth in tip-top shape! As students step into their classroom for the Brush-A-Thon, you can welcome every child with a warm smile and a basket full of free toothbrushes to choose from!

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable, high-quality option that will be a huge hit with youngsters, we’ve got you covered with our Custom SmileCare™ Youth Neon Toothbrushes. With 144 soft-bristle toothbrushes decked out in orange, pink, and green, every kiddo will be equipped with one they love. Best of all, you can customize the handle with your practice information! When parents see their little ones’ new toothbrushes, they’ll have everything they need to come check out your practice.


Promote the Event on Social Media

Invite patients to follow the fun by showcasing your Brush-A-Thon on social media. Whether it’s going live on Facebook for a brushing Q&A, sharing your team’s favorite toothbrushes on TikTok, or holding a contest on Instagram for the best brushing selfie, social media offers endless opportunities to keep your event top of mind. By creating content that’s friendly, authentic, and informative, potential patients and loyal ones alike will leave your page feeling empowered and excited about taking care of their smiles!

You Can Count On SmileMakers

We’re passionate about helping dentists like you create lasting smiles and memories to match with the community you love most. No matter the event, we’re in your corner with compassionate, personalized care to ensure the best experience possible for both you and your patients. If you have any questions about our event tips and products, we’re here for you! Just send us a message at We can’t wait to chat!



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