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Why You Need Re-Stickables in Your Office!

With Re-stickables  from SmileMakers, your not-so-young patients can decorate their devices, smartphones, skateboards, notebooks, or any surface where they want to express themselves. Patients can feel free to stick and restick these cool designs wherever they want.

5 months ago

Prizes That Soothe Anxiety

Keep the kids in your care anxiety-free by giving them something to play with during their visit. Tapping into a child’s intrinsic desire to play can go a long way in calming their worries and cultivating their confidence.

5 months ago

Make Our Products Work For You – 3 DIYs You Need in Your Office

We've gathered together three cost-effective, practical, and fun DIYs that will help foster a friendly, inviting atmosphere and bring delight to your community. Let’s get started!

5 months ago

How to Make Every Visit Great with Stickers

Whether you’re equipping your new practice with a stellar sticker stash or you’re looking to level up your current office collection, SmileMakers has your back. We deliver the largest and best selection of stickers to make every appointment meaningful, rewarding, and fun for pediatric patients and grown-ups alike!

6 months ago

Celebrate National Smile Month This June

Confident, healthy smiles carry the ability to brighten days and improve quality of life. That’s why we are excited to celebrate National Smile Month!

1 year ago