Prizes That Soothe Anxiety

Prizes That Soothe Anxiety

Prizes That Soothe Anxiety

For little patients, stepping out into new situations can sometimes bring big feelings of fear – especially when it comes to those first checkups. Keep the kids in your care anxiety-free by giving them something to play with during their visit. Tapping into a child's intrinsic desire to play can go a long way in calming their worries and cultivating their confidence. With a huge variety of high-quality, tactile toys and rewards to choose from, SmileMakers has something for every child!

Fidget Spinner

Keep Tiny Hands Happy with Fidget Toys

If you're looking for a playful way to champion little troopers, fidget toys are fantastic prizes to have at the ready! During check-in, ease their waiting room anxiety, and lay the foundation for an upbeat, personalized appointment by letting kiddos pick out a fidget toy in their favorite color or design.

Fidget Poppers

From classic, eye-catching fidget spinners to our trendy spectrum of silicone fidget poppers, we've got your practice covered with a whole lot of hands-on fun! These vibrant, engaging toys will occupy adorable wiggly fingers and keep young minds worlds away from worry throughout their appointment.

Treasure Chests

Chase Away Fears with Treasure Chests

Whether your pediatric patient is feeling nervous about getting their booster shot or having a cavity filled, there's nothing like the promise of a prize to turn their frown upside down. Empower a child's courage and resilience with a treasure chest full of special rewards they can choose from.

Puzzle Cubes

Our Fidget Toy Treasure Chest is the perfect way to support stress-free visits through prizes that promote problem solving, imagination, and fun-filled exploration! Posable Pups Thoughtfully curated with a magical medley of fidget spinners, puzzle cubes, posable pups, and more, this treasure chest delivers endless ways to play for every child at your office!

Inspire More Smiles with Stress Balls

During times of heightened anxiety, meeting your patient right where they're at with a comforting way to cope can help make them feel heard, seen, and valued. When visits feel tough for tiny ones, show up alongside them with the softest and happiest Smiley Face Stress Balls to squeeze away their worries and instill a sense of security.

Stress Balls

These versatile, lighthearted stress balls are adorned with bright colors and big grins, so they're great for bringing a little joy to more uncomfortable medical scenarios. With an appointment stress-reliever that doubles as a take-home prize, a child can walk away feeling strong and supported while harnessing a deeper level of trust with their healthcare provider.

Create Positive Memories with SmileMakers

At SmileMakers, our goal is to help compassionate doctors like you build genuine, long-term patient bonds. With practical and affordable products that are made to make individuals of all ages smile, we're wholeheartedly committed to you and your community. If you have any questions or feedback for our caring crew, we're here for you! Just send us a message and one of our knowledgeable team members will get back to you as soon as possible!

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