Desensitization Toys for Children with Anxiety

Desensitization Toys for Children with Anxiety

Desensitization Toys for Children with Anxiety

Desensitization Toys for Children with Anxiety

With pandemics, online school, and social media, you are probably seeing more kiddos experiencing anxiety. Teeth grinding is just one of the negative outcomes that can arise from stress. Just like you, we want to see your amazing patients feel happy and stress-free. That’s why SmileMakers delivers an awesome lineup of desensitization toys and rewards that help comfort little patients, cultivate their confidence, and spark big smiles at your office and beyond.

 Keep Nervous Hands Busy

Smilemakers Pen


The simple act of sharing a smile has the power to brighten someone’s day. When your patients feel weighed down by worrying thoughts, you can meet them right where they’re at, ease any appointment jitters, and share a smile with our Colorful Smiley Face Stress Balls. This soft foam sensory toy comes in a medley of cheerful hues and dons a resilient grin that goes back to its original shape, no matter how many times it’s been squeezed! Perfect for keeping wiggly little ones focused and fearless throughout their appointments, your patients will love squishing this friendly smiley face and feel secure from your compassionate care.


Adding an element of fun to every appointment is our specialty. If you’re looking for a playful, high-quality toy that’s sure to keep tiny hands and young minds happy at your practice, you’ve found it with our Fidget Poppers. Made of silicone, kids will light up when you surprise them with this travel-sized bubble popper. We also recommend stocking up on our popular Squeeze and Pops! This tried-and-true anxiety buster offers a delightful spin on traditional fidget toys, with its satisfying popping sound after every squeeze!Oral health


Beloved Characters Help Kids Smile

Kids love characters because they add a sense of comfort, normalcy, and friendliness in even the most unfamiliar settings and scenarios. At SmileMakers, we’re proud to equip your practice with the best assortment of character stickers out there. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and latex-free, so there’s truly something for every patient.

Youth Suction Cup Toothbrushes


There’s no cuter crew to come to the rescue than PAW Patrol! From your practice to the playground, little patients will feel courageous and accomplished when they sport our PAW Patrol Stickers. Personalize each kiddo’s experience by asking them which puppy pal is their favorite, and hand them a sticker starring the hero of their choice.


If you’re seeking a sweet, silly way to uplift your pediatric patients, our Minions Stickers will do just the trick. Known and loved by children of all ages, Minions are sure to add a little laughter and lots of smiles to every appointment. Invite your team to join in on the fun by rocking these mischievous, yet adorable yellow henchmen on their scrubs! Classic characters like Minions offer an instant point of connection between you and your patients, forging a genuine bond built on warmth and trust. 

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We’ve also got something pretty super for your mini Marvel fans! With our Ms. Marvel Stickers, Kamala Khan will help your little patients suit up for success, fend off their fears, and beam with confidence. Kids will feel empowered when they see this trending character at your practice, showing them that they can be brave just like their favorite superhero.




SmileMakers Is Here For You

We understand that your community’s health and happiness mean everything to you and your team. For that reason, we strive to help you create peace of mind for your patients from the moment they step into your office. If you have any questions about incorporating desensitization toys into your pediatric practice, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us any time at We look forward to chatting with you!



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