Celebrate the Fourth of July with These Four Patriotic Toys!

Celebrate the Fourth of July with These Four Patriotic Toys!

Celebrate the Fourth of July with These Four Patriotic Toys!

The Fourth of July is the quintessential summer holiday—for kids, it means that school is out, the weather is hot, and there’s plenty of time to play. Time out of school means that parents will book routine check-ups and other appointments for their little ones. What better way to celebrate the summer and the Fourth of July than with patriotic toys? Kids will love the festive red, white, and blue giveaways, and these fun prizes will offer entertainment and distraction throughout their visit. Here’s what kids want to see this July:

Flamingo Patriotic PinwheelsFlamingo Patriotic Pinwheels
Your pediatric patients will have tons of fun taking these flamingos for a spin! Pinwheels can have a calming effect on patients in the office, and these prizes are easy to display in cups and containers throughout your space. Whether you have a stash at the front desk or the operatory, these cool flamingos and starry pinwheels will be a hit!

Patriotic Pullback Jets
Pull them back and watch as these red, white and blue USA jets zoom away! As an icebreaker, let your pediatric patient choose their favorite at the beginning of their appointment. Need to build more rapport and calm your patient’s nerves? Set two planes side by side and let the jets race to a finish line! Kids will love the interactive activity, and this simple game will help them relax for the rest of their appointment.

Mini Star Patriotic SpringsMini Star Patriotic Springs
These tried-and-true spring toys have withstood the test of time, and kids appreciate the simple distraction during their appointment. Mini star patriotic springs are small enough for pediatric patients to take everywhere, and they’ll love showing off their cool new toy to their friends!

Patriotic Heart Stress Toys
Pediatric patients and parents alike will love these heart-shaped stress toys! If a patient is feeling particularly nervous or will need to receive an injection, these are a great way to ease anxiety and promote a calm environment. Ask little patients to show you how strong they are by squeezing the stress toy, toss one back and forth, or just watch them enjoy the bright, bold colors--the possibilities for fun are endless!

Celebrate the Fourth with SmileMakers!
We feel honored to be a part of the festivities at your practice! Whether you’re looking for year-round giveaways like practice essentials, or unique toys to celebrate the upcoming holiday, we have a wide array of patient rewards for you! Browse our Fourth of July toys and stock up on fun pediatric prizes now!

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