The Importance of a Positive Front Office Experience

The Importance of a Positive Front Office Experience

The Importance of a Positive Front Office Experience

Rewarding patients at the end of each visit is important, but making a good first impression is just as important! With pediatric patients, familiarity and comfort is key. Tailoring your front office aesthetic and amenities to both parents and their children will help ensure that the entire family is at ease before their appointment. The more you foster an atmosphere of calm and comfort, the easier each appointment will be.

The Importance of a Positive Front Office Experience

Create an environment that patients and parents will love with these tips from SmileMakers:

Front office staff training and scripts

Your front office staff is your most valuable resource - especially when it comes to pediatric care. These are the members of your team who set the stage and the energy of your practice. They can make or break a patient experience, so ensuring that they are warm and welcoming is key. It's not all about being upbeat and energetic, either. Sometimes patients prefer a calm, cool, collected front staff.

As your team gets to know your patient base, look for ways to help them recall specifics about each patient's preferences. Do you have a notetaking system? Keeping information about a patient's demeanor, unique needs, and typical mood can go a long way in ensuring positive return visits. As your team gets to know each patient, they will be able to tailor and personalize every appointment.

It can also be very helpful to provide your front staff with scripts, or answers to frequently asked questions. This ensures that your staff presents consistent messaging to patients. Parents and kids alike will be confident in your team's care when everyone is on the same page.

Consider online forms for a convenient, stress-free experience 

Helping parents avoid the hustle and bustle of filling out paperwork when they arrive for an appointment can really take the stress out of the situation - especially if it's a first-time visitor with a particularly nervous or fearful child. Either provide the forms on your website with electronic submission or send the paperwork via email to new patients in advance so they can fill it out at home. Not having to rush to fill out paperwork before their name is called gives patients more time to unwind and relax in the lobby and to mentally prepare for the actual visit.

Modernizing your check-in process can also help your staff. Digital information is easier and much faster to access - making the front office experience seamless for everyone involved.

Encouraging Decor for Kids

Engaging decor for kids

You don't need to overhaul your space or totally remodel it to make your office engaging and inviting. It just takes a few updates to wow pediatric patients in the waiting room. Consider placing an interesting carpet that will catch kids' attention, like our At the Zoo Play Carpet or the Race Track Carpet.

Even a simple table and chair set made for kids or a friendly face on the wall can make your office feel all the more inviting. When children see things that were specifically designed for them, they automatically infer that your office isn't just made for adults. This can help put them at ease and feel welcome in your care.

The Right Toys for the Wait

The right toys for the wait

Stocking your front office with toys can help take the edge off for little patients. This makes your space seem more kid-friendly. Toys can be a welcome distraction to help calm nerves, a vehicle to let out excess energy, or they can just be a simple way to ensure that kids develop positive memories at your office. Here are a few of our most popular waiting room toys:

Rainbow Block Set: This 30-piece set features hardwood frames with soft, rounded edges and colored plexi interiors. Kids can use their imagination and build whatever they want! Keep little patients happy and busy while they wait with colorful blocks they can build up and break down!

Encouraging Decor for Kids

Community & Roadway Essentials Set: This set perfectly pairs with the City Play Carpet. Kids can stage the people, signs, and vehicles in their desired location to build their own city. Rome wasn't built in a day, but your little patients can create their own universe in your lobby - all before their appointment even begins!

Create a Positive Experience with SmileMakers

At SmileMakers, we know that a healthcare provider's job goes far beyond what happens in the operatory. Creating a positive experience starts the moment a visitor walks through your door. That's why we offer office decor and practice essentials to help you create the right environment for every patient (and parent!)

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