Patients Are Precious – Show Your Appreciation With Gems & Jewelry!

Patients Are Precious – Show Your Appreciation With Gems & Jewelry!

Patients Are Precious – Show Your Appreciation With Gems & Jewelry!

Whether it’s playing a game of make-believe, sharing a silly laugh together, or watching their bravery flourish at every check-up, few specialties offer the whimsy and wonder that come alongside working with kids. Your pediatric patients are one of a kind, and they deserve to skate through their appointments in style! So why not encourage your kiddos to show off their personality with prizes that shine just like they do? At SmileMakers, we offer a stellar selection of jewelry options to brighten up their visits and remind them of their inner sparkle!

Glitz Rings

Amp Up the Glam with Our Glitz Rings

From counting and coloring to climbing trees, your patients’ tiny hands help them to learn, play, and accomplish life’s everyday adventures. Our Glitz Rings are the perfect way to make daily hands-on fun even more flashy and fabulous. These radiant adjustable rings come in a medley of jewel-toned gems and designs, so every kiddo in your care can feel super special. Before your little one’s appointment begins, let them choose a ring in their favorite color and match with your mini patient! You can even invite them to pick one out for their parent or BFF. They’ll leave your office with a big grin, a glistening reward, and lots of great memories.

Bracelet Value Pack

Inspire Their Style with Our Hot Trends Bracelet Value Pack

Looking to refresh your prize box and bring delight to those budding fashionistas? We’ve got your back with our trendy and cheerful Hot Trends Bracelet Value Pack. This set is jam-packed with vibrant accessories from lovable unicorn heart bracelets to funky printed slap bracelets. Plus, buying in bundles is the easiest way to save on our cutest rewards, all while giving your growing patients more of what they love! Kiddos will instantly feel at ease when they see these happy designs in your treasure chest or prize drawer and sport these stylish pieces with pride long after their appointment with you.

Fun Cord Bracelets

Fuel Their Fashion Sense with Our Fun Cord Bracelets & Fidget Popper Bracelets

A little jewelry can go a long way in sparking creativity, confidence, and self-expression. Glossy, stackable, and stretchy, our Fun Cord Bracelets make it easy-peasy for kids to rock their personal style on their wrists! Even the boys are sporting these trendy bracelets! Whether you’re seeking to please tots or teens, this one-size-fits-all accessory features an array of cool and colorful patterns that every pediatric patient will enjoy wearing. They’re also latex-free, making them the perfect inclusive prize to add to your practice’s collection.

Fun Fidget Popper Bracelets

Our Fidget Popper Bracelets help ease jitters on the go. All of your pediatric patients will be excited to see these fun accessories in your prize box, and parents will be pleased to offer a safe, portable activity to help keep their kiddos calm no matter where their day takes them. 

Let Your Practice Shine with SmileMakers

We know that there’s nothing more rewarding than those unbreakable bonds made with your tiny patients and their families. Here at SmileMakers, we’re right by your side with timeless prizes that help make your practice stand out, build trusting relationships with your patients, and create fulfilling moments at your office. If you have any questions about our products, our caring team is here for you! Feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We can’t wait to connect!

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