Fortune Teller Spinners for a Magically Fun Appointment

Fortune Teller Spinners for a Magically Fun Appointment

Fortune Teller Spinners for a Magically Fun Appointment

Kids are full of curiosity and questions, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a fun tool to answer all of life’s mysteries! Remember the mystifying fun of a certain magical ball that gave all the answers? SmileMakers is bringing the joy and magic back with our Fortune Teller Spinners. These simple, small giveaways make appointments exciting and add an element of surprise. You can use the spinners with pediatric patients to calm nerves, spread enthusiasm, and make their visit less intimidating. Here are a few ways to use Fortune Teller Spinners around your office and give little ones the fun, magical experience they deserve:

Will I Have a Fun Dental Appointment?

When a child enters your office, have one of your team members introduce the toy during the check-in process. Your staff can present the Spinner and ask whether the patient will have a fun time during their visit. Making sure the spinner is still in the hands of your team, slyly point the arrow toward “Absolutely” or “Yes”. It is the truth, after all. Once your patient is excited about the spinner and convinced that their appointment will be a positive one, let them play with the spinner and ask their own questions until they get to the operatory.

Am I Cavity Free?

You can also incorporate the Fortune Teller Spinner into your exams. Once you’ve checked for cavities and ensured that the patient has none, give the wheel a spin and ask whether he or she is a part of the cavity-free club. Point the spinner towards an affirmative answer to boost excitement and make the experience a memorable one for patients free of tooth decay. Then, offer the Spinner as a reward for their positive oral hygiene habits. Your patient will be sure to leave with a smile and a fun toy to keep them entertained long after their appointment!

Fortune Teller Spinners Will Be a Hit at Your Office!

Fortune Teller Spinners are an interactive toy that you can easily use to incorporate an element of fun into pediatric dental visits. Get creative with yours and use them to keep patients entertained, happy, and satisfied. Pediatric patients and parents alike will appreciate the personalized touch and the fun gift to take home. Browse more toys and giveaways and stock your office with prizes that will be cherished and remembered long after your patients leave the office.

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