Your SmileMakers Reopening Shopping List

Your SmileMakers Reopening Shopping List

Your SmileMakers Reopening Shopping List

After extended closures, reopening your practice is a cause for celebration! As you adapt to establishing a new patient experience, it is the perfect time to spruce up your practice with fun and engaging decor and rewards that help enforce social distancing and sanitation guidelines. The ADA has released their Return to Work Toolkit which outlines their recommendations to create a safe environment for your patients. Here at SmileMakers, we’ve taken these recommendations to heart and are making it simple for you to implement those adjustments with our comprehensive reopening shopping list:

✔ Screening Stickers
Undergoing a screening before entering their dentist’s office can seem intimidating or foreign for any patient. Creating a positive association with the screening process is a simple way you can help your little patients feel at ease with this new safety protocol. These “I’ve Been Screened” stickers are a great way to use positive reinforcement to encourage kids to feel comfortable and excited about coming back to the dentist and are perfect for adult patients as well. The whole staff will benefit from knowing, at a glance, that patients have been screened before they sit down in the chair.

✔ Mini-Hand Sanitizers
Keep your patients safe by providing them with complimentary mini-hand sanitizers when they walk in. They fit easily in little hands or parents’ purses and pockets. Plus your families will appreciate being able to bring this useful gift along with them for future grocery trips and running errands!

✔ Custom Pens & Pencils
Reusing pens and pencils creates an opportunity for contamination. Since it is not really an option to sanitize all of your writing utensils between each use, a safer option for when patients need to fill out paperwork during their visit is to give them their own custom pen or pencil. They’ll enjoy taking home extra swag, and they’ll be reminded of how much you care about your patients each time they use it.

✔ Floor Decals
We all know the rule: “Keep your distance; stay 6 feet apart.” But what do 6 feet actually look like? It can be hard for patients, especially wiggly little ones, to know what is an appropriate distance. Plus, it is very easy to accidentally come too close to people while moving about the office. With visual aids like these bright floor decals, you can help remind your patients what a safe distance looks like.

SmileMakers is Here for You
“We care for you like you care for your patients” is more than our tagline. That statement represents our core values and is at the heart of everything we do. We know this is a difficult time for healthcare workers, practices, and small business owners. And we’re here for you now just as we have been for over 40 years. Reach out and tell us what we can do to help you at

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