Teach Children the Importance of Positive Affirmations

Teach Children the Importance of Positive Affirmations

Teach Children the Importance of Positive Affirmations

Carmen Knight, M.A.T. Early Childhood and Special Education

We are living in a time when our children are hearing hard truths every day. As Early interventionists and Therapists, we are working with children that are trying to overcome developmental delays as well as navigate these challenging times. It is more important than ever to encourage and empower children with positivity. So today, I want to discuss positive affirmations that we can use to remind our children how wonderful and special they are. Positive affirmations are just simple statements that you say, or the child says to themselves that reminds them of the many wonderful things about themselves.
A very easy and important way to teach kids to realize their value is to use I AM statements. Examples of this would be:

Minnie Mouse Affirmation Sticker

I am important!
I am loved!
I am happy!
I am a hard worker!
I am strong!
I am smart!

You will be so surprised how quickly a child will start saying these phrases with you and then add their own. These are just a few examples that will help create a positive and happy child. Many of our children need constant encouragement to continue to work hard so they can reach their full potential.

As an Early Interventionist or Therapist, it would be great to provide children with positive affirmation stickers at the end of their session. Leave them with a great reminder of how special they are to you and to so many others. Early interventionists and Therapists can use a simple piece of construction paper and place 4 or 5 positive affirmation stickers on the paper and review them before the end of the visit. Or write the affirmations on the paper and have children recite each, then reward them with a sticker or small toy. Encourage children to work on these each day until your next visit.

SmileMakers has a large variety of stickers and toys that can help you connect with each child that you serve. They have taken the time to develop a SmileSource blog that serves as a resource for Early Interventionists and Therapists who need new ideas and toys. SmileSource has articles that cover all areas of development and links to wonderful toys. SmileMakers has also personalized a link to take therapists to the primary areas of development, cutting down on the time that you may spend searching for toys. You can find a links for gross motor toys, fine motor toys, and sensory toys. SmileMakers and SmileSource can connect you to ideas to help you serve all of the sweet children on your caseload!


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