How to Start a Cavity-Free Summer Promotion

How to Start a Cavity-Free Summer Promotion

How to Start a Cavity-Free Summer Promotion

As families enjoy their summers, kids have more access to delicious, cold treats to beat the warm weather. Think of all the corner lemonade stands, afternoon drives for ice cream, and snow cones at every festival and theme park. With all these tasty treats, staying cavity-free during summer is no easy task!

That's why a cavity-free promotion at your practice is a summer essential. So how do you get families to the dentist with summer fun right around the corner? Don't worry, SmileMakers is here to help!

Here's how to implement a cavity-free summer promotion to encourage good dental habits in your young patients:

Step 1: Get the Word Out with Your Marketing

Social Media – If your practice doesn't have a social media presence, now is the perfect time to start. You've probably found yourself or know someone who spends lots of time scrolling through social media. That's why it's worth highlighting your promotion on social media. Having a strong social media presence is a vital step in boosting your overall online presence as well as promoting campaigns. Don't worry about being perfect at it, just be genuine and your followers will engage!

In-Office Signage – Generate buzz for your upcoming promotion with signage around the office. Patients will see your fun announcement before and after their routine check-ups. The signage should be bold enough to draw people's eyes to it. We recommend using cartoon characters or bright colors that will get the kiddos interested! This will not only bring awareness to the promotion, but it will allow parents to ask questions with your staff first-hand, incentivizing participation with friendly service and considerate help!

Monthly Newsletter – Make sure you incorporate your summer promotion into your monthly newsletter. Display the benefits and exciting giveaways so that your patients feel like they can't miss it! If you don't have a monthly newsletter, we encourage you to start one. They can be a great way to keep your name in patients' minds while staying connected to the community.

Custom Water Bottles

Step 2: Encourage Patients with Amazing Giveaways

The best way to incentivize your summer promotion is by offering what people love most–free merch! This will get patients excited about participating and can even get new patients in the door. At SmileMakers, we provide high-quality items that will remind patients of your high-quality care.

Drawstring Bags

We have Custom Drinkware for the upcoming summer months that will remind your patients of the importance of staying hydrated, especially for healthy teeth!

We also offer stylish and comfortable Custom Bags. With drawstrings and fun vibrant colors, your patients can take these bags on hikes, to the grocery store, or wherever they may find themselves, all while showing off your practice name and excellent branding.

Kids love our Custom Frisbees! They are an excellent option for patients that enjoy staying active. Your young patients can bring them to the park and have a blast, all thanks to your thoughtful giveaway!

Step 3: Recognize and Reward

It's not always easy keeping up with good oral hygiene. Remaining cavity-free all summer is a huge accomplishment for young kiddos. Acknowledge the effort that your little patients made with a cavity-free photo board that showcases their brilliant smiles. Get a bright, colorful board and a polaroid camera to take pics of patients' bright smiles. Kids will feel like superstars, recognizing how fun and rewarding it can be to practice good oral hygiene!

Toy Treasure Chests

Rewards for Booking a Summer Appointment

Providing kiddos with a special reward for their summer check-up is a great way to get kids excited. Here at SmileMakers, we have an abundance of toys and rewards that kids love. We know that going to the dentist can sometimes be scary for kids, but a fun summer promotion sets your practice apart with diligent care and respect for your little patients' efforts!

Care that Will Last Every Season

At SmileMakers, we know that putting thoughtfulness and care into the work you do can change lives for kiddos. If you have any questions for us, feel free to send us a message at We wish you the best for your cavity-free summer promotion!

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