How to Host a Halloween Candy Exchange Program

How to Host a Halloween Candy Exchange Program

How to Host a Halloween Candy Exchange Program

How to Host a Halloween Candy Exchange Program

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s no sweeter way to celebrate than by giving back to the community you know and love! You may have heard of a candy buyback or exchange program, but you might not have known where to start or had the time to implement a program in your office. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place! At SmileMakers, we’re here to help you hit the ground running with thoughtful ideas and key questions to consider when it comes to executing a successful, scare-free candy exchange. Check out some of our tips below to get started!

Find the Why

First things first–it’s important to know your “why.” Whether it’s making dental care feel fun and rewarding for kids or championing a local charity that aligns with your practice values, examining why you want to do a candy buyback or exchange will help fuel the passion and purpose behind your outreach. We recommend searching “Halloween candy buyback” online to find local organizations to partner with! What are your goals? What’s the message you want to send patients or the organization you want to support? By having a clear, meaningful motive at the center of your promotion, you can kickstart your candy buyback with confidence.

Set the Program Parameters

Halloween Monsters

Once you have your message, it’s time to hone in on logistics! Are you “buying” the candy or exchanging the candy for exciting toys and sugar-free goodies? If you’re choosing the latter, we can make your candy exchange go smoother than ever with our wide selection of affordable, high-quality prizes, custom toothbrushes, and flavorful sugar-free and xylitol lollipops! Wrap these in our adorable Halloween Take Home Bags. Check out our article on Dental-Friendly Options For Doctors Who Want To ‘Win’ Halloween for more prize ideas! Children can look forward to trading in those cavity-causing treats and creating unforgettable memories at your event. Be sure you have a scale to measure the candy, large containers for donations, and enough supplies to exchange–it’s always best to be over-prepared!


Establish the Event Type

Will this be one big event or a rolling event from mid-October through mid-November? Both have their benefits!

If you’re planning for a one-day event, why not go all out by hosting a community Halloween after party at your practice? Deck out your office with boo-tiful decor and a festive, feel-good playlist! Parents and little trick-or-treaters can dress up, drop off their candy, snap some photos, and enjoy a not-so-spooky celebration with you and your staff.

LollipopsAn ongoing event is another great way to garner engagement and promote your practice. Patients have the flexibility to come in and drop off any excess candy more than once and receive awesome prizes and even some sweetness back with our Xylitol Lollipops! This can strengthen patient connections and increase the likelihood of families booking an appointment with you! No matter what kind of event type you choose, determining the time and date in advance will help your team plan accordingly and avoid any last-minute hiccups.





Promote Your Program

Recall Cards

From in-office signage to social media and a dedicated web page, you’ll need to get the word out on how patients can participate! Looking for a sincere and effective way to promote your program? Designed with pearly whites dressed in the cutest costumes, our Custom Halloween Teeth Recall Cards will make your loyal patient family feel special when they receive this personal invitation to your event. When highlighting your Halloween candy exchange, don’t forget to circle everything back to the “why” behind your program. Potential patients and existing ones alike will resonate with your genuine, heartfelt dedication to giving back, creating a deeper level of trust with you and your team.


You Can Count On SmileMakers

Just like you, we want to see your practice thrive with healthy smiles, happy patients, and the best experience possible. Our caring experts are right by your side to help make planning events and promoting your practice easy, stress-free, and fun with tried-and-true marketing strategies and exceptional products. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at and one of our compassionate team members will respond to you shortly. We can’t wait to chat!



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