Grow My Practice: Helping You Brand, Grow, and Retain Patients

Grow My Practice: Helping You Brand, Grow, and Retain Patients

Grow My Practice: Helping You Brand, Grow, and Retain Patients

Since 1977, SmileMakers has been helping our customers make smiles happen. Over the years, while providing products and services that allow practices to inspire, motivate, reward and celebrate their patients, we’ve had a front-row seat to watch our customers grow and succeed. We know what it takes to brand, launch, and grow a practice, and we’ve partnered with Wonderist Agency to bring it to you.

Introducing Grow My Practice - a full-service digital and product-based marketing solution for dentists.

In an ever-competitive industry, dentists are stretched thin. They aren’t just practicing dentistry anymore. As practice owners, dentists are expected to be interior designers, marketing experts, and business phenoms. It’s too much for just one person. That’s where we come in. Grow My Practice provides expert marketing services along with themed decor, giveaways, and dental hygiene products to give dentists an easy and affordable way to brand, launch, and grow. Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Theme

Your brand is important and should stand out from all the others. The best way to do that is to be unique and give patients visual clues to remember you. Located near the coast? How about a Sea Life theme? Love lions and monkeys? Meet Jungle Friends. Looking for something more modern? Try Fresh! Once you have your theme, then build your basket of products and services that will meet your needs now and set you up for growth.

Brand My PracticeBrand My Practice

Whether you’re just opening your practice, expanding to new locations, or considering a rebrand to spruce up the office or your on-line presence, Grow My Practice can help! With a branding package from Grow My Practice, you can completely transform your office. Packages include a range of options, including wall murals, clings, and other in-office items for decor along with a customized website and even custom logo creation. Choose the theme just right for your practice and let us help you build your brand.

Launch My Practice
Launch My Practice

Digital marketing is more than just a website and active social media platforms. A solid marketing strategy includes ongoing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), social media management, and direct mail. Partnering with Grow My Practice means that you can leave digital marketing to the experts while you focus on what matters most: your patients and their oral health.

Grow My PracticeGrow My Practice

Patient satisfaction is essential to growing your practice. So, get the prizes and giveaways that keep patients coming back in one easy subscription box! With a variety of box sizes from Grow My Practice, you can choose the one that best suits your practice, and upgrade as you grow! Boxes are filled with themed prizes like stickers, activity sheets, and coloring books. Practice essentials are also included, of course: flossers, toothbrushes, brushing timers, and more will keep your patients happy and healthy! Best of all? All products support your chosen brand theme, allowing you to send patients home with a reminder of your practice and extension of your brand.

Take What You Need to Grow!

Already have a brand but need a little help with digital marketing? Or need a brand refresh but have a strong marketing program already? No problem! All services are offered a la carte. We’ll help you build the perfect mix of products and services to take your practice to the next level.

Ready to Get Started? Contact Grow My Practice!

Have questions about branding or digital marketing or just want a little more information? Contact Grow My Practice to learn more about how to gain and retain new patients with ongoing marketing services. Fill out a contact form with your information and any questions you have, and our friendly branding and marketing experts will be happy to help you get growing!

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