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Get Patients in the Door in 2019!

Get Patients in the Door in 2019!
4 months ago

Get Patients in the Door in 2019!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Have you set goals for the upcoming year to grow your practice? At SmileMakers, your success is our priority, and we’ll help you and your business thrive with clever, unique marketing products. From recall cards to water bottles and other useful items, we make sure that people remember you, your brand, and your practice.Gentle, Friendly Reminders

Gentle, Friendly Reminders
With a properly timed recall card, you’ll stay at the top of your patients’ minds and your phones will be ringing in the new year! Our cards are personal, humorous, and friendly, and they’ll make your patients smile. Opening the mailbox to a clever line from your dentist or doctor is a welcome reminder that your healthcare provider has your best interest at heart. These gentle recall cards will also remind patients to book an appointment! It’s the season of “new year, new you”, and it’s the perfect time to give your patients a gentle nudge to come in for a visit. Our cards never feel pushy or out of place, and the eye-catching designs will ensure that your practice information is prominent and visible. This is a great first step to get patients in the door!

Gear Up with Giveaways
Gear Up with Giveaways When the year is fresh and everything is new, people tend to have a renewed focus on wellness and self-improvement. Branded giveaways that help patients on that journey are much appreciated. SmileMakers offers water bottles and other custom drinkware to keep your patients hydrated and get your branding out in the community. Add your practice name, logo, and/or tagline to individualize your items and get patients excited about their healthcare. Let your patients know about the giveaways they’ll receive at their next visit by sending emails or recall cards. This customized gear can be the extra nudge your patients need to pick up the phone and book their next appointment!

Toothbrush is a Man's Best Friend

A Toothbrush Is a Patient’s Best Friend
Sometimes the best way to garner patient loyalty is to give people what they need. It might seem obvious, but a dentist who gives away a toothbrush is offering a free necessity. And while you probably send each new and returning patient home with a fresh brush at the end of every visit, you may not have applied that logic to potential patients. If your new year has a few events booked, splurge on custom toothbrushes and give them something to remember you by. Every time they brush their teeth, they’ll be reminded of you and your practice. That’s two opportunities a day to reinforce your brand and encourage that patient to call.

Market Your Practice and Get More Appointments!
We are invested in your success, so we provide marketing products that will make patients smile and get them in the door! Take advantage of the new year to refresh your office, send friendly greeting cards, or stock up on practice essentials like dental kits or take home bags. We hope this new year finds you and your patients happy and healthy!

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