Fun with Buildable Spike Blocks

Fun with Buildable Spike Blocks

Fun with Buildable Spike Blocks

Carmen Knight, M.A.T. Early Childhood and Special Education

I have found an amazing set of blocks that will provide hours of fun and learning opportunities for the children we serve. These Buildable Spike Blocks are great for Early Interventionists and Therapists to add to their collection. They can be used for so many different things!

Buildable Spike Blocks

Sensory Stimulation:

One of the first things as an Early Interventionist I would do with this great toy is to allow each child to explore these fun and spiky blocks. Children that need sensory input can use these spiky blocks to receive the sensory stimulation they need to get calm and ready for your session. They can use the spikey side to press as hard or as soft as they need to receive sensory input anytime they need it. Parents can pack a few of these blocks in a bag and take them to doctor appointments, school, or busy family events.

Imaginative Play:

Another great idea for these buildable spike blocks is to incorporate them into imaginative play. Imaginative play is essential to the success of all our patients. During your session, you can demonstrate this important skill by creating different items using these blocks. You could create a house and then ask the child about who would live there? It creates important conversations and demonstrates the proper way to participate in partner play.

Fine Motor Skills:

Using these building blocks will help work on and improve the fine motor skills of your patients. Age-appropriate fine motor skills will help a child meet the basic needs to feed themselves, use crayons, and eventually use a computer or phone. It is such a fun way to work on these skills without the kids even knowing they are mastering this much-needed skill. 

Color Identification and Counting:

Use these Buildable Spike Blocks to teach and identify colors. These skills are important to preschool-aged children. Color identification is key to teaching life skills such as the importance of the color and safety of a stop sign. Counting is also important to young children when it comes to sharing and learning foundational math skills.

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