Creating Effective "How It Works" Social Media Videos

Creating Effective "How It Works" Social Media Videos

Creating Effective "How It Works" Social Media Videos

In the wake of COVID-19, more and more people are doing their own research online about sanitation and technology in the healthcare field. We know that your dedication to safety has always been at the center of your practice's mission, so this is a perfect time to create some "How It Works" videos to highlight your safety and sanitation protocol on your social media feeds. SmileMakers is here to help you get started with a how-to guide on creating effective and videos for social media!

Why Post Videos? Aren't Photos Enough?

Why Post Videos

You may feel shy in front of the camera, or maybe public speaking was just never your "thing." But particularly in light of current events, we recommend using social media to position yourself and your team as a trusted resource in your community. The best way to do this is through a short, simple video. You may be asking: Why is video more effective?

Watching you speak in video format will be more powerful to your patients than a static picture or email. They'll know the message is coming directly from you, not a member of your staff or a social media manager. Plus, video allows you to quickly and easily update your patients on any office updates or news. 

Tips on Creating Authentic Content

Here are a few tips on how to create an effective video for your patient community:

  1. Shoot your video in landscape mode. If you're filming using your phone, place it horizontally rather than vertically.
  2. Try to keep your video under 2 minutes. Studies show that people tend to stop watching videos that last longer than 2 minutes, so try to keep it short and sweet!
  3. Find a space in your home or office that has natural lighting. Make sure you are facing the natural light when filming rather than having your back to it, which can cause a shadowy effect.
Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic

With these basic skills under your belt, you're ready to pick a topic and start filming! Start by recording a 30 second or minute-long message for your patients and community. This can allow you to address the state of your practice, walk through the cleaning/sterilization procedures you use, and highlight the effect of oral health on whole-body health.

Next, dive into one of the questions that people may be Googling. Once you get the hang of these videos, you can even make an entire series of answering a variety of questions over the course of several videos! Need help brainstorming ideas? For your first video you could answer one of the following questions:

  • What are all the parts of Personal Protective Equipment used by your practice?
  • How does hand sanitizer work?
  • How do air filtration systems work and what makes yours the best?
  • What are the different types of medical masks and why are they different or more effective than face coverings?
  • What are isolite barriers? 
  • Bonus: How do I safely take off latex gloves? (Not only can this video show your deep knowledge of infection control, but it's also a great resource for people who don't know how to use or remove gloves safely after going to the grocery store or pharmacy.)

Pick one of these topics and remember to have fun with it! Your patients are curious and just want a quick peek behind the scenes.

Rubber Gloves

SmileMakers Is Here for You

It is always our goal to encourage you and help make running your practice as safe and as fun as it can be. We also understand that having a strong presence on social media is more important for some than it is for others. Keep in mind that if your practice does not have a social media presence, or you prefer not to be on social media, these ideas can easily be converted to blogs to post on your website. If you have any questions, we always love to hear from you! Reach out to let us know how we can help by visiting

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