SmileMakers Stickers are now manufacturer certified Hypoallergenic and Latex Free

Dear Valued Customer,

We know that safety is your #1 concern when selecting a giveaway for your patients; which is why we test our products to meet or exceed US Consumer Product Safety Standards.  But there are a few things generally not covered under those standards, including sensitivity and supply chain certification of all components. We set out to address those issues, and are happy to announce that SmileMakers Stickers are now Manufacturer Certified Hypoallergenic and Latex Free - at NO additional cost to you!

Here’s what’s different:

Manufacturer Certified – We worked with all our printers and suppliers to certify 3 things:

  1. The products they supply do not contain natural rubber (latex) or any of the FDA major food allergens including milk, egg, soy, gluten, nuts and shellfish
  2. The manufacturing plant they produce these items in does not produce other items with natural rubber or any of the FDA major food allergens
  3. They will notify us in advance if either of these statements are expected to change.

This certification process provides us the confidence to assure you that:

  • SmileMakers stickers are latex free! We have tested our products for natural rubber latex
    compounds for years, and we will continue to do additional independent lab testing.
  • SmileMakers stickers do not contain major food allergens! We want you to be able to assure parents with
    confidence that this reward is not likely to trigger a reaction in their child. 

We have also added the instruction that a sticker is intended to be applied to clothing. There is
a difference in the adhesive used to have a sticker stay on skin vs. staying on clothes.  If you
have ever taken a bandage and applied it to clothing, you know it doesn’t work. If a child
places a sticker on a sensitive section of their skin and leaves it there like a bandage, when
they remove it their skin will likely be irritated, and then will fade over time.  We advise to use
a temporary tattoo when the child really wants to put their favorite superhero or princess on
their arm.

With our new certification process, you can rest assured we have the highest standards in
the industry, at the same great quality and price that you always expect from

For over 40 years, SmileMakers has been here to help you take care of your
patients. We care about your patients' health and safety, and want you to have
confidence that the SmileMakers prizes you give will be both patient
and parent approved!


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Chris Merritt