Capsule Vending Machines

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Looking for an exciting way to engage with your patients and create a fun atmosphere in your practice? Look no further than SmileMakers' Capsule Vending Machines! These machines are perfect for doctors and dentists who want to reward their patients with a special surprise after their appointment.

Our toy capsule vending machines are designed to dispense a wide variety of colorful and engaging prizes, including small toys, stickers, and other fun trinkets that kids will love. The machines are easy to use, and can be placed in any waiting room or reception area for maximum impact.

Not only do these vending machines make a great addition to your practice, but they also encourage positive behavior and help to reinforce good habits like regular dental check-ups and appointments. So why wait? Start rewarding your patients with SmileMakers' Capsule Vending Machines today and make your practice a fun and engaging place for kids of all ages!