SmileMakers Double Stack Vending Machine

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A vending machine that's easy to bank together for custom solutions! Each SmileMakers Double Stack Vending Machine holds 300 capsule toys, and features two separate clear capsule bins, token mechanisms, and capsule dispensers allowing you to offer a variety of patient prizes. Line multiple machines up side-by-side to save space in your office and to offer a wide selection of capsule toy rewards. Each machine includes a set of 4 keys, which enable you to easily slide the clear bins out of the machine for easy refilling and retrieve tokens. Works with 1" tokens only. Made of plastic and metal.

  • 10 1/2"L x 17 1/2"W x 49"H
  • 1 per unit
  • SmileMakers vending machines are designed to accept 1" SmileMakers tokens. Attempting to insert other sized tokens or coins into the mechanism may result in a jam.
  • SmileMakers vending machines are designed to work with 2” capsules. Capsules of different sizes and loose bouncing balls (not packaged in capsules) will not function with this machine.
  • Don't forget to buy tokens! This machine only works with SmileMakers tokens, not quarters.
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