AutoSmiles Capsule Vending Program
Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers who participate in the AutoSmiles Capsule Vending Program (the “Program”) agree to purchase a minimum of $75 (net after discounts) of Capsule Toys (a “Minimum Order”) each month for an initial term of 12 months.
  2. Participating Customers will receive a VMASM20 - Compact 20” Machine, 1 Unit of Tokens (the “Machines”) and free shipping of all orders in the contiguous US at no additional charge with the initial Minimum Order of Capsule Toys. A Customer may receive additional Machines with each additional $75 minimum order of Capsule Toys and 12-month commitment as described above, each such Machine and commitment constituting a separate Program participation.
  3. To participate in the Program, a Customer must complete and submit the online form and agree to these terms and conditions. Once the online form is submitted, SmileMakers Customer Service will contact the Customer to activate the Program and set up monthly Auto-Ship order online to include the same Capsule Toys each month.
  4. Participating Customers will receive monthly email reminders that the pre-selected Capsule Toys will be shipping soon. A Customer may elect to cancel the recurring Capsule Toy Auto-Ship order and set up a new Capsule Toy Auto-ship selection at this time by following the instructions in the email reminder.
  5. SmileMakers will contact any Customer who do not meet the minimum purchase requirements and remind the Customer of the purchase obligations under the Program terms. Failure to purchase the minimum order quantity of Capsule Toys thereafter will be deemed by SmileMakers to constitute an Early Cancellation.
  6. A Customer may cancel Program participation before the initial 12-month term is completed (an “Early Cancellation”) upon written notice to SmileMakers and in such event shall pay SmileMakers an Early Cancellation fee equal to $15 per month for the number of months remaining on the Customer’s initial Minimum Order commitment in order to compensate SmileMakers for costs associated with administration of the Program. In addition, in the event of an Early Cancellation, Capsule Toy and other SmileMakers orders will no longer be entitled to free shipping from the Program.
  7. After the initial term, the Program will continue month to month until terminated by either the Customer or SmileMakers by providing written notice of termination at least one month in advance.
  8. Ownership and title to the Machines passes to the Customer at the time of shipping and the Customer retains ownership of the Machines after cancellation or termination of Program participation for any reason. However, SmileMakers will provide Machine replacement or repairs at no additional cost to the Customer during the Customer’s participation in the Program.
  9. Current owners of a VMASM20 are not be eligible to use the existing machine to participate in the Program.
  10. In addition to these terms and conditions, Customers agree to SmileMakers’ standard terms and conditions applicable to purchases and website use which can be viewed here:    SmileMakers Terms and Conditions