An Impression that Sticks with Hypoallergenic and Latex Free Stickers

An Impression that Sticks with Hypoallergenic and Latex Free Stickers!

With their bright colors and variety, you can’t go wrong providing stickers for your pediatric patients. And now that SmileMakers stickers are Manufacturer Certified Hypoallergenic and Latex Free, they’re an even better prize choice. Still not convinced? Read on and find out why stickers remain a hit with patients and practices alike.

Positive Reinforcement
Children view the world differently, so to them needles, and other pointy objects, are dangerous, not helpful. Young patients can be a challenge, but it’s usually because they don’t understand that you’re helping them. For these children, gifts and emotional support go a long way. Greeting a child with a smile and reward helps to build their confidence and trust. No matter the procedure, a sticker tells the child that they did a good job. This is reassuring, and will stick with them long after the visit is over.

The Common Benefits of Stickers
Stickers may seem small but they hold a large place in children’s hearts. Aside from being a quick gift for positive reinforcement, there are plenty of other reasons why they remain a favorite reward for kids and providers. Here are a few other benefits of stickers, which has kept them popular with healthcare providers worldwide for decades:

  1. An Impression that Sticks with Hypoallergenic and Latex Free Stickers!Affordable - As stickers are small, light, and easy to produce, they are one of the most inexpensive yet impactful prizes you can give. They’re bright, colorful and often feature popular movie or television characters or favorite children’s themes. SmileMakers always offers the most popular character stickers along with new favorites including LEGO Ninjago, Star Wars, and Disney. You never have to worry about high costs or receiving outdated designs when ordering new batches of stickers.
  2. Attention-grabbing - When a child does a good job, they’re proud of it and want others to know. If you’re hoping to keep these young patients returning, give them a reward that will get them compliments. A bright, colorful sticker is something that they can show-off to others as a memorable reward. They won’t forget that they got the stickers from your practice, and will have fewer reservations about returning.
  3. Expressive - For some children, it can be difficult to fully express themselves with words or show their interests to others in social situations. Stickers provide them an opportunity to express their personality and interests through something as simple as a colorful image. Once you know their interests and personality better, it can make future interactions easier. If you know a young patient likes Frozen, that’s an easy conversation starter when they have a return visit, and can even help grow the relationship between you two. All because of one little sticker.
  4. Inclusive - Unlike other toys, the variety of stickers means that there’s something for everyone. Not every young patient likes jewelry or figurines, but stickers are versatile and can cover a range of interests. There’s something for everyone with stickers. For a special treat, try Glow-in-the-dark stickers or Scratch’N’Sniff stickers.
  5. An Impression that Sticks with Hypoallergenic and Latex Free Stickers!Worry-free - They’re kid-friendly, budget-friendly, and now when you purchase your stickers from SmileMakers, they’re allergen and latex free too! SmileMakers stickers are Manufacturer Certified Hypoallergenic and Latex Free! With this knowledge, you can give stickers without concern to potential allergic reactions. 


Why SmileMakers stickers?
It’s not surprising if you’ve encountered a few severe allergies while treating pediatric patients. It’s sometimes easy to forget that more than half of all people in the US are allergic in some capacity. More than 8% of all children have food allergies, and an estimated 17% of the US population is allergic to latex. With those statistics in mind, you’ll likely treat multiple pediatric patients with allergies over time. Creating a safe environment that is allergen-free should be an increasing priority for your practice.

A Latex-Free Office Is Possible: Eliminate Allergens in Your OfficeSmileMakers stickers greatly reduce the chance of an allergic reaction and help to ensure that no patient with allergies has to worry about your rewards. Although stickers do not generally contain latex or major allergens, they can be produced in the same facility as products that do contain allergens. Only SmileMakers stickers are Manufacturer Certified Hypoallergenic and Latex Free, produced in facilities free of latex and allergens. By eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction occurring, you can take that next step toward becoming a 100% allergen-free practice.

Looking for more allergen-free practice supplies?
SmileMakers has a huge assortment of latex-free bandages and allergen-free candy and gum!

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