Your Office Needs a Toy Vending Machine! Here’s Why.

Your Office Needs a Toy Vending Machine! Here’s Why.

Remember the excitement that would build when your parents gave you a quarter for the toy machine? You'd enthusiastically twist the knob and wait expectantly as the toy was delivered. Little minds remember toy machines and the prizes that go with them. They can make any place more magical and make kids excited to return. With SmileMakers Capsule Vending Machines, your office can be the place that little ones associate with positive memories!

Toy vending machines are one of SmileMakers most popular items because kids are naturally drawn to the mystery and surprise of it all. Here are a few other reasons to consider a toy vending machine for your office:

  1. Exciting prizes that are always changing: Whether it's a patient's first time visiting your office or they've received hundreds of gifts from the vending machine, the anticipation and surprise of the experience make it new every time. SmileMakers Toy Vending Machines come in many different sizes, so you can experiment with a variety of prizes. Each time you stock up your machine, you can order capsules filled with different toys, so your patients will always have a fresh experience.

  2. Build anticipation, not fear: When a child arrives at your office and sees a toy vending machine full of fun possibilities, this can have a positive effect on the rest of their appointment. The anticipation can be enough to get them through a visit that would otherwise cause them anxiety or fear. The intrigue of a toy machine lets them know that your office is a fun, friendly place. A friendly staff and fun toy capsules give pediatric patients something to look forward to both at the end of their appointment and the next time they visit your office.

  3. Your Office Needs a Toy Vending Machine! Here’s Why.
  4. A unique prize experience creates a memorable visit: Toys and prizes are commonplace for pediatric patients, but toy vending machines amp up the experience. Instead of simply handing a child a generic toy, giving them a special "great patient" token to take to the vending machine adds an element of surprise. Even if the child is a repeat patient and already knows that the token will be given, they will still be thrilled to twist the knob and open the capsule.

  5. Low maintenance, high reward: Our toy vending machines are easy to refill, easy to use, and fun for the whole office. Children aren't the only ones who get a kick out of the experience. Parents will love leaving your office with a happy child in tow, and your staff will enjoy seeing the giddy reactions after pediatric patients receive their prize. These machines and their toys have the ability to create contagious happiness throughout the whole office.

  6. Your Office Needs a Toy Vending Machine! Here’s Why.
  7. Improved patient flow and sanitary prizes: No need to have a staff member watch over patients as they painstakingly select a toy from a prize box or chest. While parents finish paperwork and make next appointments, children can take their tokens to the vending machine. Your team's time is freed up as well, so they can focus on the next patient. And since each patient can only get one prize at a time, there's no need to worry about germs spreading from patient to patient.

If you're looking for a fun, fresh way to get kids' attention and deliver an exceptional experience in your office, a toy vending machine will do the trick! These machines are the epitome of surprise and delight and give little patients something to look forward to.

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