What to Look For When Buying Pediatric Toys

We know how hard you work taking care of your patients. Even on their best days, pediatric patients can be a challenge. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is what prizes you give them. That’s what sets SmileMakers apart from other vendors - we know what’s hot and what kids want and our team is committed to ensuring you have it!

Our merchandising team works around the clock to ensure we provide pediatric toys for children of all ages. We focus on safety, affordability, and fun! So if you’re unsure about what pediatric gifts to offer to your younger patients, we’re here to provide a few suggestions on what to look for in a toy.

What to look for when buying pediatric toys Clay Chapman - Assistant Merchandiser:
“Easy to figure out, hard to put down”

What to look for when buying pediatric toys

When choosing what pediatric toys to promote through SmileMakers, I take a few factors into consideration. Safety is always a number one concern, but our SmileMakers products are held to the highest safety standards. Everything we offer meets and exceeds the Consumer Products Safety Standards guidelines. So that means we get to focus on what really matters to children, having fun! For me, a good toy is eye-catching, easy to figure out, and hard to put down. A good toy has staying power, it’s so much fun to play with that the child can return to it again and again.

For me, a toy that really gets this right is our foam Rocket Launchers (TOY858).

The Rocket Launchers are fun because they are bright and colorful, and can shoot for the stars! They’re sturdy and the foam is soft. Best of all, the interactive nature of the toy keeps it interesting for pediatric patients well past their treatment. Don’t be surprised if they ask for the toy again upon a return visit. This is one of the most popular items in our catalog.

What to look for when buying pediatric toys

Tiffany Swindler - Merchandise Coordinator:
“Stick to simple and interactive”

In all the time I’ve spent testing and approving toys for SmileMakers, I’ve learned that simple, interactive toys remain the most popular. Most flashy, complicated toys go through phases, but there are always some timeless toys that rely on the child’s imagination. As a mom, I especially appreciate toys that don’t require 500 pieces to assemble or make annoying noises until the battery dies. Any toy that can cause hours of fun without assembly has potential to be a hit.

A good example of this is our Colorful Whale Squirters (TOY2236)

The squirters function as mini water-guns or simple bath toys that don’t take up a lot of space. As bath time is an essential part of the day for most families with young children, the squirter can be a constant companion and a welcome distraction. They’re cute, colorful, and fits our child-friendly SmileMakers style. They’re also virtually indestructible, so your patients will be able to use them for years to come!

What to look for when buying pediatric toys

Kristina Keiper - Merchandiser:
“Can it stand the test of time?”

Durability and re-visitation are two factors that I believe are important when choosing pediatric gifts for your practice. If the toy will not be reused or enjoyed after the first play through, it’s not a very good toy at all. That’s why an interactive and engaging toy is what we’re looking for when choosing what to add to the SmileMakers selection. How much enjoyment a child can get from your pediatric gifts should always be a top priority. It’s the difference between a good toy and a great toy.

One of my favorites that I’ve returned to over the years is our Punching Balloons (DEN529)

These are a classic example of a simple toy done well. Punching balloons have been around so long that they were one of my favorites as a kid when I visited my dentist! What’s better than a giant balloon you can punch around and it comes back to you?! Not only are these toys colorful and exciting, but they’re inexpensive, too. Balloons don’t take up a lot of space to store and provide hours of entertainment with just a rubber band and an active imagination.

Take a look around our site, you’re guaranteed to find toys that you’ll love!
SmileMakers toys are hand selected and tested to ensure that you get the best with every order. Our goal is to ensure that your patients leave happy no matter their age. From your smallest patients to your oldest, SmileMakers has the just-right prize for everyone.