Time-saving techniques for your practice

Even if you’ve been working in medicine for years, there are always ways to improve your efficiency and treatment time. Too often, we get comfortable with our routine and don't look for ways to be more productive. But being complacent could be costing you time and money. To help jump start your journey towards efficiency, SmileMakers has compiled a few time-saving techniques you can immediately apply to your office.

Prepare for your day

Time-saving techniques for your practice

Preparation can pay off weeks, months, or years in advance. Rather than adding to the length of time you spend on any task, being well prepared can actually save you time. Most procedures involve preparation for a reason. Each day, take some time with your team to prepare for the day. Take stock, check your equipment, and ensure everything is running smoothly. Dealing with these tasks beforehand will prevent them from causing problems during the day, and save you the time a mistake or accident could cause later in the day.

Automate what you can
This is especially important for a smaller practice. It’s hard to juggle all the tasks necessary when running a practice, and it’s likely costing you time and money. By using programs, apps, or automated systems to take away those smaller tasks, you can focus on other projects and improve your efficiency. Consider automating your front desk. There are programs that can now make bookings, answer FAQs, and provide information without your supervision. There are also programs that manage new patient forms and automatic billing, so you never have to worry about the time a patient spends filling out their information. This will free you to focus on patient care and keep you from burning out on the other end.

Educate your patients effectively

Time-saving techniques for your practice Your patients deserve to know the details of any procedure required, and communicating with them effectively is important. Without the right preparation or tools, some patients--particularly younger children-- may not understand what you’re trying to tell them, and can take up a lot of time with confusing questions. If patient conversations seem unproductive, there are ways to improve. Use tools like information sheets and interactive displays to help simplify your explanations. For more interactive education, props like models, posters, or other educative products will help them understand their treatment. Not only do these cut down on time, they also reassure patients of the procedure’s safety. The time saved can then be used to perform the procedure and get the patients the help they need! Having prepared answers to FAQs will help avoid unnecessary delays, too.

Identify lengthy procedures and consider referrals
There’s a fine line between being a comprehensive practice and being an inefficient one. Some treatments involve more time and expensive equipment, and you may just be ill-equipped to handle them. There’s no shame in referring some treatments to other providers because they do not fit with your practice. In fact, setting up a group of practices for mutual referrals can benefit your practice in the long run.

There are other ways to save time, too. Digital scans make diagnoses faster and some scalers can be used at higher frequencies for faster cleanings. Even if these changes only shave off a minute or two, those will add up over the next day, week, month, and year! Sometimes you do have to think with your business-hat on.

Use purchasing shortcuts, save what you can!
There are many ways to save time while purchasing products for your practice. At SmileMakers, we offer secure, saved billing information, so that you can log in and buy more quickly. We also have Quick Order and Autoship features which allow you to reorder and ship your merchandise with the click of a button. All these features can save you precious time when reordering practice essentials for your office.

There are ways to save with the products themselves, too. Pre-packaged dental kits are an ideal way to save yourself time. Buying in bulk is another time-saving and budget-saving technique. Options like our bulk and case quantities merchandise or buy more, save more tiered priced items save money, time spent while ordering, and ensure you’re well stocked which also saves time!

Trying to find more ways to save time and money? SmileMakers can help give you the upper hand!
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