The Case for Customization: Why You Should be Personalizing Items Now!

In the past, personalization meant increased costs. This, and the possibility of misprints or errors, was enough to deter most businesses from using customized products as practice giveaways. With recent advances in ordering customizable products, along with tools like online previews and digital file uploads, buying custom merchandise is easier than ever. With the right supplier, ordering products tailored for your practice is incredibly uncomplicated.

The Benefits of Being Unique

The Case for Customization: Why You Should be Personalizing Items Now!


The Case for Customization: Why You Should be Personalizing Items Now!

Remain a constant reminder - When trying to encourage patients to return, reminders are important. Patient retention is a key part of a healthy practice, and creating a memorable experience is vital, but so are tokens of your appreciation. Having details like your practice name, logo, and contact number on customized items serves as a helpful memento of your good service. More exposure is better exposure, and your patients are consumers with choices. Letting them know how much you appreciate their business, and including your practice information on pens, toothbrushes, stickers, or even water bottles, increases the chance that they’ll return.

Increase their familiarity - Rewarding patients with customized merchandise isn’t just about leaving a memento, it’s Advertising 101. By including the customized items in their daily routine, they’re familiarizing themselves with your practice. People return to what is familiar. This comfort increases the chance of another positive experience. Together, these positive experiences and increased familiarity are part of the process to turn a new patient into a lifelong patient.

Reach new patients - Take-home, customized items impact more than just your regular patients. By using your products in their daily routine, your patients introduce their family, coworkers, and friends to your practice. This increased visibility means more people have a chance of viewing your contact information. A catchy logo or slogan could start a conversation and convince them to make an appointment.

The Case for Customization: Why You Should be Personalizing Items Now!Create a community - Which matters more to people, a handwritten letter or a store-bought greeting card? No matter how illegible, the handwritten card trumps every time. Personalization matters to us, whether in cards, gifts, or rewards. We assign a greater value to any item that requires more effort to create. This is called the psychology of personalization. No practice can customize exclusive items for each individual patient, but it’s still nice to feel part of your ‘team’. By rewarding patients with items affiliated with your practice, they’re more likely to feel included and at home. In the industry, this is called Loyalty Marketing. Providing backpacks, visors, or balloons with your practice colors and logo creates a community and brand around your practice.

The Ease of Online Customization
Before the rise of online shopping, customized orders were costly, difficult to manage, and delays were inevitable. Multiple calls back and forth with vendors, multiple proof approvals until everything was perfect, and then the always present concern that the final product was going to be printed incorrectly. And if something went wrong in the process, the timeline for delivery kept growing. Now, with the advances in online ordering of custom products, the experience is so much easier, quicker, and accurate.

SmileMakers now offers online ordering of all of our promotional products. Just select your product and follow the prompts to personalize any of our hundreds of promotional products. Add your practice name, contact information, web address, and even your custom logo. Review your proof and approve it on the spot for a quicker turnaround time. Ordering can be done in minutes, and our wide array of customizable items ensures that your practice will never lack for take-home items that your patients can appreciate. And best of all, all of our customizable products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so there’s no risk to you. We know your promotional products are an extension of your practice, and we’re here to make sure you leave the perfect impression every time!

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SmileMakers has a range of customizable products ensures that you can give each patient memorable take-home items. Our online process removes the hassle of purchasing customized merchandise.



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